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MoreFun: Our curated space for recommended superyacht brands

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your yacht toy box but had no idea where to look… beyond FunAir of course? Has your captain asked you to research the latest superyacht ‘must have’ equipment? Need a new gift for an owner? Or perhaps you are knees deep in shipyard season and need just about everything! Meet MoreFun, your new best friend.

In response to the overwhelming interest from captains, crew, and superyacht owners already hooked on FunAir’s best-selling inflatables, and asking us to recommend other brands in the same league, our team decided it was time to launch More Fun. A dedicated space on our website for all things cool, it’s all about showcasing and recommending top-tier yacht toys, superyacht accessories and the best services out there that have the same commitment to quality and enjoyment that FunAir is renowned for.

The MoreFun page is not just a catalogue of exciting yacht toys; it’s your hub for the latest industry innovations and emerging trends. Whether you’re seasoned yacht crew, a yacht owner, a captain, or just a lover of all things nautical, MoreFun promises to be your ultimate guide to the most thrilling and exceptional offerings in the world of yacht recreation.

Superyacht charter guests in SCUBAPRO gear during a beach day

What is FunAir’s MoreFun?

The MoreFun section of our website is a curated list of awesomeness for everything that makes life on a yacht way more incredible. Our team handpicks any product or service on the MoreFun page so everything will officially have our fun stamp of approval.

We’re all about making life on a yacht more awesome and a whole lot easier for crew, and we want you and your yacht guests to be as entertained as possible. Inspired by our FunYachts program, the MoreFun section will feature brands that we know provide exceptional quality and entertainment. Expect a showcase of products that crews, owners, and charter guests will absolutely adore.

Discover the latest MoreFun brands for your yacht 

We’ve just launched MoreFun but we’ve already selected some seriously cool products. Here’s a sample of what you can expect:


FunAir More Fun brand Belassi

Water scooter. Aquabike. Personal watercraft. Or a combination of all three? A Belassi watercraft is a surefire hit with guests and crew.

Visit the Belassi MoreFun page


Fliteboard FunAir More Fun

The world’s most awarded eFoil is electric, fast, quiet, and emission-free. It’s also a must-have for adventures on the water.

Visit the Fliteboard MoreFun page

Loco Surfing

FunAir More Fun brand Loco Surfing

Changing the stand-up paddle board game, Loco Surfing products are easy to store and even easier to inflate! Guests of all ages will love them.

Visit the Loco Surfing MoreFun page


FunAir More Fun Brand Mastercraft

From day trips ashore to water sports fun, Mastercraft boats are a perfect complement to any superyacht. With over 15 models available, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Visit the MasterCraft MoreFun page

Schiller Bikes

FunAir More Fun brand Schiller Bikes

For an active charter group, Schiller Bikes are the ideal toy. Adventure on water, explore the wide oceans, and keep fit on this floating peddle bike.

Visit the Schiller Bikes MoreFun page


FunAir More Fun brand SCUBAJET

Glide, dive, and soar through the water with SCUBAJET, an innovative toy that can be used solo or attached to a surfboard. A total game-changer for life at sea.

Visit the SCUBAJET MoreFun page



Dive in luxury with top-of-the-line SCUBAPRO gear. Not only does it look epic, it also offers unparalleled performance.

Visit the SCUBAPRO MoreFun page


FunAir More Fun brand Tiwal

A packable sailboat? No, we’re not kidding. A Tiwal sailboat is a lightweight dinghy that can be packed and stored in two bags. A favourite for any sailors on board.

Visit the Tiwal MoreFun Page


Fun Air More Fun Brand YotSpot superyacht crew on a yacht

Yotspot is the leading jobs board in the yachting industry, helping superyacht crew find life-changing dream jobs and saving superyacht owners and Captains time and money in finding exceptional candidates.

Visit the Yotspot MoreFun page

Yachties: Get involved in MoreFun

Our team are reaching out to the brands we already know and love, and who we know stand the test of time onboard busy charter yachts. For any one we havent contacted yet, this is your chance to get in on the action! Head over to the FunAir website and apply to have your products featured on MoreFun. If your products or services are high-quality, align with FunAir’s commitment to excellence, and promise an incredible on board experience, you’re exactly who we’re looking for. When you’re approved for MoreFun, our team will create a dedicated SEO webpage for your brand, complete with images and videos that you approve before it goes live. We don’t take commision and get in the way of sales. We just send interested crew straight to your website or inbox.

We’re proud of our products and we’re ready to shout out the awesome ones that we love. All MoreFun products will be shared with our community of yachties on our social media platforms — that’s nearly 250,000 followers and a newsletter database of 6,000+ industry professionals.

Brands that want to be featured can reach out to FunAir via email at [email protected] or through our website’s enquiry form.

Check out the MoreFun page here.

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