Cameron Green


Introducing CAM

Cameron Green is the Bosun and Photographer on M/Y No Bad Ideas. When he’s not scrubbing teak or giving water sports demos, he loves to spend time honing his digital design skills.

Cam comes from a competitive water-skiing family and grew up on the water. At the tender age of four he learned to wakeboard which sparked his love for the water. Spending most of his days out on the ocean, Cam has seen plenty of action. From being a competitive sailor to a sponsored stand up paddleboarder, he feels super lucky to have been able to spend so much time doing the things he is passionate about.

What Do you do for fun?

If I look back now, nothing much has changed in terms of what I do for fun since my early days on the water. My hobbies are stand up paddleboarding, hydro-foiling, wakeboarding, sailing and snorkelling. On the odd occasion I’m not in the water I am passionate about videography and photography and always enjoy a good game of golf.

What Makes Motor Yacht No Bad Ideas Unique?

On M/Y No Bad Ideas, we are a fun and energetic crew who just enjoy the small things in life. We are always open to meeting new people and sharing our passion for the industry and ocean. I often get asked what the best part about yachting is, and my response will always be the same, the endless adventures and opportunities that present itself.

What Do You Love about FunAir?

I love FunAir not only for their inflatables, but for what the brand offers. It’s a community which we are a part of. We appreciate all the support from FunAir across the social media platforms and how that has helped us grow our presence, especially on Instagram!

Onboard M/Y No Bad Ideas, we have a FunAir Yacht Slide and four Double Wave Loungers. We use the loungers on the deck and on the beach and the guests love how comfortable they are. The Yacht Slide is a big part of the fun on every charter, and the crew love how quick it is to set up and take down once you’ve done it a couple of times.

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