SCUBAPRO is an iconic brand of dive gear found on many top-rated superyachts worldwide. Famously created for divers, by divers, SCUBAPRO has garnered a well-earned reputation for the cutting-edge engineering, research, and product development that has — on occasion — revolutionised the way we dive, no matter the skill level.

Blending advanced technologies with intuitive, sophisticated designs, SCUBAPRO products allow superyacht crew and charter guests to focus on their dive experience, not their gear. So whether your guests are experiencing their first open-water dive or they are seasoned divers, SCUBAPRO delivers in spades with industry-leading premium regulators, dive computers, BCDs and divewear, along with a full line of scuba masks, fins, snorkels, gear bags and accessories.


Dive in Luxury

SCUBAPRO dive suits provide top-of-the-line comfort, style and thermal protection. Every feature is expertly designed to keep your charter guests protected throughout their entire dive. SCUBAPRO’s premium Everflex Yulex® wetsuits are made with natural rubber instead of neoprene and are known for their award-winning comfort and superb warmth.


Breathe Easy with Unequalled Performance

SCUBAPRO regulators look good on the outside, but the engineering excellence inside is what counts the most. Product designs engineered by teams with years of experience are brought to life with high-end materials and tooling. The result is the ultimate in breathing performance and reliability for superyacht crew and guests.


Setting the Standard for Comfort

SCUBAPRO BCDs are consistently top-rated for comfort, fit and stability at depth while providing buoyancy and ascent control. The Hydros Pro BCD sets the standard for comfort with a body-molding design made from durable and ultra-comfortable Monprene® pads.


Dive into Colour

Ensure your guests look and feel great with a variety of high-quality masks, fins and snorkels to meet their snorkelling and diving needs. Colour coordinate all your gear or add a pop to your set with SCUBAPRO favourites like the GO Sport Fin, Trinidad masks and Spectra snorkels.

Experience the Scubapro Difference

SCUBAPRO’s mission is to fuel a passion for the sport and lifestyle of diving, giving divers the utmost confidence to explore that which cannot be seen from the surface.


Trusted Performance

From the initial design, materials used, and in-the-field-testing prior to launch, SCUBAPRO products are built for success. Every decision that goes into their products is based on quality and performance.


Looks Good, Dives Better

SCUBAPRO is driven to constantly innovate and improve the diving experience and build flawless equipment that doesn’t just look great – it sets the standard for engineering excellence.


Intuitive Innovation

Every innovation begins in the water, continues in the lab, and then finds its place back in the water. This ensures that yacht crew and charter guests can focus on the experience – not the gear.


You Deserve the Best

Trusted by the world’s most accomplished divers and seasoned superyacht crew, SCUBAPRO is the iconic badge of performance and innovation. Created for divers, by divers – because deep down, you want the best.  

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