MasterCraft Boats provide options for superyacht owners, Captains, crew and industry professionals looking for the perfect tender to accompany their yacht. With an extensive model line up ranging from 6.1m to the yacht certified MasterCraft X26 at 8m, the  MasterCraft range suits most onboard storage requirements, from a tender garage to on-deck storage.


Extensive Model Range

The MasterCraft range comprises of 15 models with a mix of pickle fork and traditional shape bow designs. Seating configurations allow for up to 18 passengers, with wrap around seating providing a premium comfort level for guests and ensuring that everyone on board can travel in style.


Water Sports Perfection

MasterCraft has a reputation as a pioneer in performance, innovation, comfort and quality. Charter guests will be excited to step on board and enjoy thrilling water sports including wake boarding or water skiing, or simply cruise about the water in style and comfort.


Transport Charter Guests in Style

Water sports are essential in every superyacht’s itinerary, and MasterCraft boats meet these requirements while also serving as a standard superyacht tender. Comfort and quality are inherent in every MasterCraft, and each boat is suitable for transporting charter guests on and off board in a stylish and relaxing manner.


Attention to Detail

No matter which model you select, you can be confident that the distinctive MasterCraft quality permeates every detail. MasterCraft strive to surpass expectations and close collaboration with the client ensures constant updates during the construction process, resulting in a tender perfectly tailored to the superyacht lifestyle.

Why Choose MasterCraft for Your Yacht Toy Box


Cutting Edge Technology

MasterCraft invest in a comprehensive research and development program, leading to numerous award-winning designs and innovations.


Bespoke Lifting Solutions

Whether you need your superyacht tender stored on deck or in a tender garage, we can design the perfect and secure lifting solution for your needs.


Experienced Support Team

The MasterCraft UK team provides expert advice on model selection, specifications, handover procedures, global logistics, spare parts and training.


Outstanding Legacy

For more than 50 years, MasterCraft has established an unmatched legacy as a pioneer in performance, comfort, quality, and innovation. 

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