Schiller Bikes

Schiller Bikes bring another dimension to an active superyacht toy box. Owners and charter guests will love the opportunity to ride on water, explore the wide oceans and coast lines and keep fit on this stable and easy to use floating peddle bike.

With zero training you can hop on a Schiller bike from your FunAir Docking Solution or Toy Island and simply peddle away. Floating on two super durable catamaran style pontoons, the ergonomic frame is built for bikers of all abilities. You can go for it and get an awesome workout – we can’t think of a better way to go about a morning ride, or guests can take it easy and float as much as they peddle whilst taking in the views.

Man using Schiller Bike on the ocean

Superyacht Cycle Race

With its proprietary drive train, integrated steering and propulsion and carbon drive belts, Schiller Bikes have been designed so yacht guests get the maximum speed on the water for the minimum effort. A speedy 16kph, can be reached making every ride full of fun.

man and woman using Schiller Bikes

Steering into the Blue Beyond

Navigating the ocean is easy with this floating bike’s integrated steering and propulsion. The revolutionary outdrive provides an incredible amount of stability, manoeuvrability, and steering control. Reverse peddling allows for speed management and advanced manoeuvring.

Schiller Bike with man and woman on blue ocean

Built to Superyacht Standards

The Schiller Bike’s frame is made from powder-coated tig welded T6 aluminium, premium stainless steel, and has anodised components throughout. The pontoons are made from rugged, high pressure, drop-stitch, all designed to withstand the harsh environment of the ocean.

Schiller Bike on the beach next to the ocean

On Your Bike Off Your Bike

Getting on and off the bike is easy. Whether crew are launching off a yacht, beach, jetty, or climbing up out of the water, the bike’s design makes it super stable on the water. Guests can stand on the pontoons, jump off, and climb back on without any fear of tipping over.

Why Choose a Schiller Bike for Your Yacht Toy Box

Charter guest riding a Schiller bike


With a total weight of around 40kg and deflatable pontoons, the Schiller Bike is easy to transport in a tender for beach set ups.

Superyacht charter guest riding a Schiller bike in a crystal clear ocean

Quick Set Up

With its compact frame and modular design, the bike can be assembled and dissembled in less than 10 minutes.

Guests from a luxury superyacht relaxing on a Schiller bike next to a tropical beach

Easy to Store

The inflatable pontoons pack small so Schiller Bikes have a small footprint allowing for easy storage, even on board smaller yachts.

Charter guest on Schiller bike in San Francisco

No More Rules

Schiller bikes can be used in any charter location without Superyacht Captains having to check local powered water toy rules.

Product Specs

 Made in California, Schiller Bikes are silent, clean and sustainable. They feature premium stainless steel and anodised components throughout take less than 10 minutes to assemble and disassemble.

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Material Specs

Premium stainless steel and anodised components throughout.

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3800cm x 1600cm x 1220cm
Weight: 40kg

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Set-Up Time

Less than 10 minutes to assemble and disassemble.


Please contact Schiller Bikes for warranty details.

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