FunAir MY Loon

We make fun out of thin air

As the leading manufacturers of custom and in-stock superyacht inflatables we invite you to explore the Fun. The only limits are your imagination and a nod to the laws of physics. We look forward to designing your dream purchase.

Designed in Austin. Delivered globally.

Yacht Slides

Climbing Walls

Toy Island

Jet Ski Dock

Yacht Golf

Water Joust

Sea Pools

Lagoon Pool

Floating Island

Twin Escape Floating Island

Superyacht Beach Loungers

Superyacht Wave Loungers

Inflatable Daybed

Floating Oasis

Floating Playground and Junior Big Air Blob

Glacier Extreme

Floating Bouncers

BigAir Blob

Fenders and Work Platforms


Inflatable SUP

Inflatable Water Mat

Super Sweet Slide

Inflatable Boat Dock Slide

FunAir Electric Pump

FunAir Digital Air Pressure Gauge

Inflatable Gaga Ball Pit