Superyacht Inflatables

We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of superyacht inflatables globally. We believe in spending time on the ocean with family and friends laughing, smiling and having fun. Driven by this passion, we design and manufacture the worlds highest quality custom and in-stock inflatable yacht toys. 

We have a QuickShip range of popular superyacht inflatables designed to fit most mid sized yachts, kept in-stock and able to be shipped in just a few days for last minute charter or owner requests.

Our in-house design and engineering team ensure our products are the lightest and strongest on the market, pack tight and fit your yacht perfectly, and will turn her into the epicenter of fun!

The FunAir Range of Superyacht Inflatables Includes:

Yacht Slides

Climbing Walls

Sea Pools

Floating Islands

Beach Furniture Collection

Jet Ski Docks and Work Platforms

The FunAir Fun Collection

FunAir – Your Premium Superyacht Inflatables Supplier

If you need custom or in-stock Superyacht inflatables for your yacht, team FunAir is ready!

Reviews of FunAir Superyacht Inflatables

Outstanding quality and service are two of our core foundations.
Here’s what some of our customers and partners have to say about our superyacht inflatables.
Custom Jet Ski Dock on Superyacht Yacht Park Lane
The Summer has been fantastic/busy! My FunAir Jet Ski Dock has been awesome.
Scott Parks, Owner MY Parklane
Custom Jet Ski Dock and Netted Sea Pool on MY Time For Us
Getting our custom Jet Ski Dock platform and Netted Sea Pool has been transformational for our water sport program. It eliminates the intimidation factor guests have for climbing onto toys directly from the swim platform which can be quite high off the water and drastically improves the accessibility, not only by making everything easier to get on and off, but we can now accommodate multiple guests and yacht toys simultaneously where previously it was difficult to handle more than one at a time.
Captain Scott Ellison, MY Time For Us
Custom Yacht Slide on Superyacht Loon
We love the new slide. It’s so much bigger and faster than the one on the old boat. It’s amazing how quick and simple these slides can be to set up and pack away when designed properly. The Fun Air team were a pleasure to work with and we got exactly what we wanted. We can’t keep the kids off it!
Paul Clarke, Captain, MY Loon
Curved Yacht Slide MY Helios
Our slide is unique and designed specifically to our needs. The guys at FunAir are custom specialists and your next toy is only limited by your imagination.
Phillip Atkinson, Chief Officer, MY Helios
Yacht Toys on SY Take it Easier
As you know our FunAir Yacht Slide and Climbing Wall is the best investment for fun I've made on the boat!
Owner, SY Take it Easier
Beach Club Sea Pool, Yacht Slide and Superyacht Wave Chairs on MY Loon
We have two charter clients returning just because of our FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool. Guests love the additional space it provides to lounge out on the ocean, and the safety of being able to jump straight into the netted pool. The owner even said how amazing it is.
Captain Paul Clarke, MY Loon
Custom Sea Pool on luxury yacht
This is so much more than a cool toy. After seeing 10 children and 6 adults around our Beach Club Sea Pool with Tenders, Jet ski's and SeaBobs, I realise it also has a much bigger safety function. The charter guests love it and have become so much more relaxed when the kids are in the water. What a game changer.
Captain Brian Muston, MY Nika K II
Custom Jet Ski Dock and Netted Sea Pool on superyacht Time For Us
The Netted Sea Pool is a huge plus factor for children and adults who are less comfortable in the water and eliminates a lot of the perceived risks that guests find when swimming in the open ocean. I wish we had this setup years ago and I wouldn’t hesitate to get it again on the next yacht I captain.
Captain Scott Ellison, MY Time For Us
Motor Yacht Illusion V Floating Playground
It's great working with the whole FunAir team designing custom inflatables like our Playground and Floating Island.
Chief Mate Vriesendorp, MY Illusion
Motor Yacht Lazy Z Leap of Faith
Being the first yacht with a new inflatable is always a nice thing. It’s fun to think outside the box with FunAir and come up with ideas for new inflatables like our Leap Of Faith jump platform.
Captain Rewi, MY Lazy Z
Custom Floating Island on Sailing Yacht Take It Easier
As you know our FunAir Floating Island is the best investment for fun I've made on the boat!
Owner, SY Take it Easier
Splash Island on MY Alani
Hired a fancy boat. Layed on this floaty all day!.
Lisa Maree, charter guest, MY Alani

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