Floating Bouncers

Inflatable Floating Bouncers are a popular yacht toy often requested by charter guests. Not only is the Floating Bouncer an awesome trampoline, it also makes a great lounging platform for hanging out in the sun once you are worn out from jumping.

The bouncer can be equipped with our patented SeaStairs to make entry and exit into the water easy and elegant. Conveniently designed, the bouncer is quick to set up and store when not in use. Each FunAir bouncer includes an electric pump.

The FunAir Floating Bouncer

Jump and Play...

Inflatable Floating Bouncers are a great way for your superyacht guests to get a work out in or jump and play on the water.

..and Relax

Not just for tricks and somersaults, the FunAir Bouncer also makes a great space for stretching out and relaxing in the sun.

Why Choose a FunAir Inflatable Floating Bouncer


Floating bouncers can include our patented SeaStairs which truly innovate how guests get out of the water and onto the bouncer.

Custom Colors and Logo

Our floating bouncer can be customised to match your yacht’s colour scheme and include your logo.

Extra Bounce

This is the only on-water trampoline to allow true bouncing because the material strength allows a higher inflation pressure.

Packs small

Our clever engineering team have designed the Bouncer to pack down easily and fold tight to save on storage space.

Product Specs

FunAir inflatables are thoughtfully designed by our world class engineering team and carefully hand-made with the world’s best materials and manufacturing techniques.


Material Specs

0.9mm 28*26 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings, 12 oz. – 1000 denier baffling, 316 stainless steel hardware, hot air welded seams, no-rot netting.



Sizes and weights vary depending on the design of your floating bouncer. We will provide inflated and packed dimensions so you best understand how to store your product.

set up

Set-Up Time

Average set-up time is 15 minutes depending on configuration.


3 year limited warranty.
Full details available on request.

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