Inflatable Climbing Playground

Inflatable Climbing Playground

FunAir Climbing Playground detachable climbing wall

Detachable Climbing Wall

The most impressive aspect of the enhanced Climbing Playground is its detachable Climbing Wall. It revolutionises the playground experience entirely. Instead of just ascending and descending the playground, you now face an enjoyable and challenging climb to master. Competitive charter guests will invest hours in races to conquer the climbing wall. We’ve gone the extra mile by incorporating a rope for the thrill-seekers who wish to elevate the challenge and pull themselves to the summit.

FunAir Climbing Playground inflatable playground and slide

Floating Playground

Whether you want to climb and slide or simply relax in the shaded area, our Playground is a fantastic addition to any beach day. It can also be securely tethered to your yacht while anchored. The sides of the Playground serve as climbing frames for scaling to the top from the water below. Once on the non-slip platform, the inflatable is spacious enough for both an adult and a child to safely slide into the water together. The highest points of the slide also feature inflatable walls to ensure everyone stays on course.

Why Choose a FunAir Inflatable Climbing Playground

Mini Slide with ultra slick vinyl

Slide with Ultra-Slick Vinyl

Crafted for lightweight and super-smooth sliding fun, our ultra-slick vinyl eliminates the need for a cover sheet, cutting down on weight, size, and water-trapping areas.

Climbing handles on the Inflatable Climbing Playground

Comfort Grip Climbing Holds

Ensuring family fun and comfort on the water is a top priority. Charter guests can easily climb to the playground’s top with comfortable and sturdy handles suitable for all ages.

non slip material on the Inflatable Climbing Playground

Non-Slip Material

The slide is all about slippery fun, but we’ve added non-slip material to the Playground’s top for better footing during play and Blob launches, ensuring safety for everyone. 

Inflatable Climbing Playground with no rot rope

Climbing Rope

We’ve added a climbing rope for extra fun, crafted from non-rotting material. This adds an extra challenge to any climb and is perfect for the more competitive among your guests.

Product Specs

FunAir superyacht inflatables are thoughtfully designed by our world class engineering team and carefully hand-made with the world’s best materials and manufacturing techniques.

Material Specs

0.9mm 28*26 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings, 12 oz. – 1000 denier baffling, 316 stainless steel hardware, non slip material, hot air welded seams, no-rot ropes


Inflated: 3.5M tall
Packed: Tower & Slide (120cm x 90cm x 66cm, 150kg)
FunSize Blob and 2 entry pads (120cm x 110cm x 39cm, 63kg)

Set-Up Time

Average set-up time is 30 minutes depending on configuration.


3 year limited warranty.
Full details available on request.

FunAir – Your Premium Inflatable Climbing Playground Supplier

If you need a custom Inflatable Climbing Playground, team FunAir is ready!

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