Channel your inner Gladiator with FunAir’s Water Joust

Channel your inner Gladiator with FunAir’s Water Joust

What better to add to a day on the water than the thrill of friendly competition? Get ready for your yacht guests to engage in epic battles as they put their gladiator skills to the test with FunAir’s Water Joust.

Superyacht Toys, Gladiator-style

Superyacht crew from charter yacht MY Amore Mio on the FunAir Water Joust

With the inflatable Water Joust, you can inject a dose of adrenaline-pumping action into your toy box. Yacht guests can test their speed, strength, stamina, and skill as they battle each other to be crowned the ultimate contender. The premise of the game is simple: Two competitors walk along the inflatable balance beam to try and knock their opponent into the water with their cushioned, inflatable jousting poles.

Just like on the Gladiator television show, yacht guests and crew can engage in friendly competition by knocking their opponent into the water. This yacht toy is always a huge hit with active yacht charters and groups of friends with a competitive spirit. Each set of Water Jousts has two lightweight poles with comfort grip handles, so it’s perfect for beginners to easily embrace their inner champion while on the water.

Compact and easily inflatable, this yacht toy can be deployed directly into the water in under 15 minutes. With its non-slip surface and easy-access steps, even the youngest yacht guests can join in on the action!

Create an Extreme Superyacht Playground

Pink Sails Waikiki custom Water Joust

Make the ultimate on-water playground by combining the Water Joust with a selection of FunAir’s most popular products. Imagine an obstacle course complete with a Yacht Slide, SeaPool, Climbing Frame, Water Joust, and even a BigAir Blob—it would keep superyacht charter guests entertained for hours! You can mix and match a selection of our inflatable products to cater to every guest on board.

If yacht guests are looking to create a cool beach vibe on an island or in a deserted cove, superyacht crew can set up the Water Joust and other toys, including inflatable SUPS, to create a perfect balance of chill and fun. Alternatively, the Water Joust can be inflated in the middle of the ocean—floating just near the yacht to keep everyone on deck entertained. The possibilities for fun are endless.

Get your FunAir Water Joust on board

Fun Air Water Joust in the ocean in Greece

Like many of our products, we can create a completely customised Water Joust for your superyacht and guests. The FunAir Water Joust can be designed by our in-house engineering team based in Austin, Texas to incorporate an owner’s specific request, a different size or even decorated in the yacht’s colours. If you want the Water Joust on board in a hurry (and we don’t blame you!) our QuickShip options mean we have an in-stock inventory to accommodate time-sensitive requests. The Water Joust can be yours in no time.

What are you waiting for? Amp up the adrenaline and order your FunAir Water Joust today. Don’t forget to follow us on socials to see more awesome products to elevate your superyacht experience!

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