With over a decade of industry leadership, Yotspot takes pride in being the trusted support for the majority of the world’s largest vessels, as well as partnering with prominent industry recruitment agencies and management firms. Serving over 700 clients, Yotspot’s impact is reflected in the staggering number of job applications processed in the last 12 months alone, totaling 3,095,055. This track record underscores Yotspot’s commitment to facilitating seamless connections between skilled professionals and the most prestigious opportunities in the maritime sector.

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As the leading jobs board in the yachting industry, Yotspot’s mission has always been simple. Yotspot helps people find life-changing dream jobs and saves its clients time and money in finding exceptional candidates. Yotspot offers a trusted platform for both jobs on yachts and shore-based yachting opportunities.

Fire Safety Training for superyacht crew

Find Training

Yotspot goes beyond conventional job placement services by prioritising the professional development of its crew members. Recognising the importance of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce in the maritime industry, Yotspot hosts an extensive array of training courses and programs. 

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With a vibrant community of 113k+ registered crew, Yotspot’s platform has become a go-to resource for employers seeking top-tier crew members. Yotspot proudly collaborates with prestigious super yachts around the world and partners with leading management and recruitment agencies, empowering employers to effortlessly discover and connect with the best talent in the industry.

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Find Jobs

Yotspot positions itself as an indispensable partner in navigating the superyacht industry career landscape. With an extensive database of jobs, Yotspot provides crew members with a comprehensive platform to discover and secure their dream roles on vessels. The platform offers tailored resources, career insights, and a supportive community that guides crew members through every step of their journey.

Why Join Yotspot

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  • Crew database search
  • % best match results
  • Advanced candidate criteria filters
  • Keyword search
  • Arrange & view video interviews
  • Download CV’s, references & certificates
  • Shortlist preferred Crew
  • Unlimited job postings
  • Online support & assistance
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For Crew

  • Create a crew or professional profile
  • Apply for jobs and opportunities aboard
  • Apply for shorebased Roles
  • Receive email job alerts
  • Understand your chosen career path steps
  • Receive training course recommendations
  • Search our training course directory
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For Training

Accessing numerous educational resources on Yotspot allows crew members to enhance skills, earn certifications, and stay updated on industry trends. Yotspot’s Career Path page offers tailored guidance, outlining a structured progression with recommended courses and certifications for those aiming to advance in the maritime sector.

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For Shorebased

If you favour staying on land, Yotspot has a variety of shore-based positions within the yachting industry for you to explore.

Whether you prefer working in an office environment or enjoy being hands-on in the construction or refitting of luxury superyachts, Yotspot can connect you with the ideal shorebased position.

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