Water scooter. Aquabike. Personal watercraft. All of these have been used to describe Belassi, but none of them come close to capturing the essence and experience of their craft. Their combination of performance, craftsmanship, and uniqueness place them in a category of their own. Belassi design the most powerful and luxurious Marine Hypercrafts which are a must-have addition to any superyacht toy box.

The uniqueness of Belassi


Belassi recognises the uniqueness of every superyacht and their personal watercraft needs and they excel at tailoring products to meet each charter yacht’s distinct identity. Belassi watercraft can be customised like no other, ensuring they stand out on the water and meet the exacting requirements of superyacht owners, crew and charter guests.

Handcrafted Belassi personal watercraft


At their Austrian production facility Belassi uphold rigorous standards for both the final product and the manufacturing process. Each part is tested and assembled by hand to ensure that strict quality standards are met at every stage of manufacture providing peach of mind to superyacht Captains, owners and crew. 

High performance Belassi watercraft


The Belassi watercraft was born as a force of nature. At it’s beating heart is a 320 hp power unit with a unique turbocharger system, it is the only engine on the market with its unique characteristics. The engine pushes boundaries on every single wave ensuring a unique charter experience for every guest.

Detailed beauty of Belassi

Detailed Beauty

The Belassi stands out with its iconic style and design, a product of thorough research and meticulous attention to detail. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, the Belassi is crafted with precision so superyacht Captains and owners can be sure that their exceptional quality standards are met.

Why Choose Belassi for Your Yacht Toy Box

The Belassi Global Network

Global Network

Belassi is proud to have a worldwide network of more than 50 partners. These are specially appointed and are able to provide superyacht Captains with a personalised service for their needs. 

Belassi provides ongoing maintenance options for jet skis


Owning a Belassi Hypercraft is much more than buying a product. They take the time to understand the specific needs and preferences of each superyacht, and tailor the service accordingly. 

The Belassi range of jet skis with outstanding safety record


Riding a Belassi personal watercraft is both exciting and secure, with enhanced control from their hull design and beginner-friendly rookie drive mode, ideal for charter guests with no experience.

One of the range of colours of the Belassi jet skis

Available in All Colours

A wide range of colour options are available for your Belassi watercraft. The Belassi design team will work with you to exactly match the design and branding of your superyacht.

Product Specs

Materials icon

Material Specs

Handmade deck and hull made of infused fiberglass composite with multiple 3K carbon components

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Length x Width x Height : 366 x 119 x 116 cm

Dry weight: 367 kg 


2 yearsWorldwide

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Set-Up Time


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