SCUBAJET lets your superyacht guests discover endless possibilities as they glide, dive, and soar through the water.

Innovation drives SCUBAJET to redefine water sports for all kinds of water sports aficionados. Charter guests can experience the unparalleled with the exceptional Portable and Performance Series.

With SCUBAJET, installation is a breeze, leaving superyacht crews more time for their guests. The user-friendly design and reliable craftsmanship ensure a seamless experience, allowing guests to focus on their aquatic adventures.

SCUBAJET Portable Series on the beach

SCUBAJET Portable Series

The SCUBAJET Portable Series is one of a kind. No other electric-driven device on the market is as compact, modular, and powerful for its size and leight-weight.

SCUBAJET Performance model on the stern of a luxury charter yacht

SCUBAJET Performance Series

Get ready to be amazed by the world’s first jet-driven multipurpose Hybridboard, designed to ignite two passions in one single board!

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