New Build and Refit Support

We Don’t Make Yachts. We Make Yachts Fun.®

Trusted relationships and years of experience make FunAir your perfect partner during superyacht new build and refit projects. Having us on your team means we can support you to make sure your toy box is full of fun, easy to deploy and even easier to maintain and stow away.


Very early on in the FunAir journey we realised that the needs of the captain and crew are just as important as the guest requirements when thinking about a new build or refit project. We pride ourselves on innovation and investing time into working with shipyards, yacht designers and superyacht owners to establish clever storage solutions and more efficient set ups for deploying a range of superyacht toys.


We now work closely with owner representatives and project managers at all the top shipyards globally such as Princess Yachts, OCEANCO and Lürssen supporting them during the planning, design and build phases. This ensures owners and their crew can have their yacht toys deployed in minutes and the space needed to set down, clean and store their inflatables is in the most efficient locations on board.

Working in Superyacht Shipyards Globally

We work in partnership with the best of the best and it’s no different during new builds and refits. Here at FunAir we specialise in supporting new build and refit projects from the very first stage, not only delivering the highest quality superyacht inflatables but also advising on storage placement and ease of deployment.

Yacht in dry dock


The FunAir team is a very strong support system bringing together designers, naval architects, ex crew, yacht managers and captains. Having completed so many new build projects we can advise on sizing and choice, making sure the owner’s requirements are met, with the end result being manageable for crew. We are at the forefront of new products, materials and techniques constantly learning and ensuring inflatables are stronger, lighter and easier to use than anything else on the market.

Superyacht Jet ski dock


Working together from the very early stages of new builds allows us to work in sensible storage and handling solutions to ensure your yacht toy portfolio is easy and quick to use when the yacht is operational. Our experienced team always has the number of crew on board and operational elements such as crane or davit placement in mind. From the moment we start to design your superyacht inflatables we aim to make life as easy as possible for crew to deliver the fun each and every day.

Man on inflatable yacht work platform

Testing and Maintenance

We have invested in the research and development of materials throughout the FunAir journey and use the world’s most durable and light weight materials. Our in-house engineering team have designed clever seam placements and staggered D-rings that makes the cleaning and maintenance of FunAir superyacht inflatables as easy as possible. All products are put through a vigorous quality assurance process before being signed off at our factory and we supply a limited three year warranty on all products.