FunAir guide to the best inflatable floating island

The Ultimate Guide for Finding the Best Inflatable Island for Your Yacht

Wherever you are in the world, there is no better feeling than relaxing on an inflatable, soaking up the sun’s rays while the quiet ocean waves lap around you. A huge hit with superyacht guests, inflatable islands are a must-have on any charter yacht.

Whether you’re a yacht owner looking to upgrade your toy box or a crew member planning unforgettable charter guest experiences, finding the perfect floating inflatable island is key. But with so many amazing options out there, where do you start? Dive into our guide and get ready for some seriously epic lounging out on the water.

The Floating Island

The FunAir Floating Island for charter superyachts

You can’t go wrong with a classic. The Floating Island has been a hit with FunAir clients for years and it’s easy to see why. Sleek and comfy, groups of friends and families love The Floating Island because there is loads of space for six people to float together. It’s your VIP pass to ultimate relaxation and fun in the sun.

You can also change how you use The Floating Island depending on the vibe of the day. The Floating Island is like getting two FunAir setups in one, as the ergonomically designed Chaise Loungers can be removed to put on the yacht’s sundeck or even taken off at the beach to relax on the shore in utmost comfort.

The Floating Island can be enjoyed close to the yacht while out at sea or even as part of a beach club experience. Each island comes with a central dipping pool to jump in and cool off and even has optional side tables for your favourite drinks and delicious snacks.

Floating Shaded Island

The FunAir Floating Shaded Island superyacht inflatable

The sun is shining, and your guests are looking for some serious chill-out time on the water. But, they want to stay out of the heat. The answer? The Floating Shaded Island. As the name would suggest, it’s an evolution of The Floating Island but with the extra benefits of sun protection.

For those who want to be out of the heat but stay close to the action, this is the best solution for yacht guests. The three double-width Floating Shaded Loungers have a sleek sunshade and are connected by a triangular Lounger Hub to create an oasis of calm on the water. A plush set-up for all ages, it’s a must-have for relaxing times spent on the waves.

Splash Island

The FunAir Inflatable Splash Island on charter yacht MY Alani

Not all our islands are designed for sunbathing. In fact, some of them are there for hours and hours of fun. Meet Splash Island. Want to relax? Perfect. Want to use it as a platform for diving? Yes, absolutely. How about a place to dip your feet in the water and cool off? That works too!

Splash Island is a blank canvas for you and your yacht charter guests to use as you wish. Oh and also, it can be used as a spot for lounging and relaxing after a long day of fun— just throw on a few Chaise Loungers and you’ve transformed the Splash Island into a sunset paradise.

Floating Oasis

The FunAir Inflatable Floating Oasis belonging to Catamaran Segundo Viento

Sit back, relax, and get ready to chill out on the Floating Oasis. Roomy enough to host eight adults, you can spend hours soaking up the sun near your yacht and sipping on a cocktail on the Floating Oasis. Need to cool off and don’t want to venture too far? Not to worry— this inflatable has a handy splash area in the centre with a netted bottom to allow water in without any seaweed or fish.

Just like The Floating Island, The Floating Oasis can be tethered to the yacht or float solo by the water’s edge at the beach. Another perk? It comes with FunAir’s patented SeaStairs that make getting in and out of the water easy for everyone, which makes it a big hit with adults and children alike.

Be warned: Once you’re on, you’ll want to stay forever.

Shaded Oasis

The FunAir Inflatable Floating Shaded Oasis from charter superyacht Impulsive

Imagine for a moment all the amazing features of The Floating Island, but with the extra benefit of a sleek sun shade? We want to introduce you to The Shaded Oasis, an inflatable bimini that we created in collaboration with the yachting canopy specialist Deck Tent.

Escape to your own private oasis with this floating island, enjoying all the perks of life on the water while relaxing under its canopy for shade and comfort. It’s a secluded spot to unwind, read a book or just take in the views of your yacht’s cruising grounds.

FunAir Inflatable Islands: The Best Your Guests Can Get

Superyacht charter guests relaxing on a FunAir Floating Island

Our luxury inflatables aren’t just about style—each one is engineered for durability and performance. Constructed from high-quality materials that can be set up in minutes, these inflatables are built to withstand all the sun and saltwater while providing maximum comfort and enjoyment for guests.

There’s a luxury inflatable island to suit every taste and preference. Email our team at [email protected] for more advice on what FunAir product is right for you or check out our website to browse our range of superyacht inflatables and bring even more fun to your yacht.

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