How Do I Contact FunAir?

We love hearing from our customers. Send an email to [email protected] and we will respond within 24 hours.

What Forms of Payment Does FunAir Accept?

FunAir accepts most credit cards along with bank wire transfers. Refer to our Payment Methods section of our terms and conditions document on this website.

Why Should I Choose FunAir for Inflatable Products?

Building the world’s best and most innovative sealed air inflatable products is in our DNA. FunAir uses only the top materials available and works with the most experienced teams in the industry to manufacture the absolute best products. FunAir products are designed and built to our exacting needs and specifications, with Quality Assurance testing done every step of the way. Delivering excellent customer experience is the FunAir commitment, from your first contact through to enjoying your product.

What Is the Difference in Sealed Air Products and Constant Air Products?

Sealed air inflatable products are inflated by an electrical or hand pump and once fully inflated, that device is turned off, the inflation valve is closed and the product remains inflated. Sealed air inflatable products are built to higher standards because they are designed to withstand years of use.

Constant air inflatables, such as a bouncy house, require an inflation fan or blower to run continuously in order the inflatable to remain inflated and usable. Running a blower constantly requires an electrical source, which can be challenging around the water. Sealed air inflatables are growing in popularity worldwide. Whether it is a recreational, decorative, or even structural need, sealed air products can be adapted to multiple uses with great strength and reliability. With improvements in hot air welding and RF welding technologies, it is now possible to build shapes and forms to create a nearly endless array of products. Sealed air products are ideal water activities. Sealed air inflatable products allow you to set up the space for fun with your product and then repurpose the use of that space once the product is deflated and put away for storage.

How Long Will a Sealed Air Product Remained Inflated?

While you should always top up the air in an inflatable product before each use to ensure it is completely inflated to the rated specification for use, a typical FunAir inflatable should remain inflated to the point that there is no visible air loss for more than a week. Various factors will cause the inflatables to show change of inflation level during it’s use but the most common include a change in temperature. The air inside the inflatable will expand with heat and shrink with coolness. This means that if the inflatable is left inflated overnight, it may look a little droopy in the morning before the sun heats it back up and it returns to being fully inflated.

What Is the Warranty on My FunAir Product?

Refer to our Warranties and Disclaimer policy found in our terms and conditions document located on this website.

What Do I Do If My Product Is Damaged?

FunAir products carry a limited warranty on all products. Refer to our Warranties and Disclaimer policy found in the terms and conditions document on this website. Should you experience a defective product, then simply contact FunAir at [email protected]. By sending us photos along with a description of your issue, we will analyze the situation and determine the best course of action to get you up and running as soon as possible so you can continue to enjoy your FunAir product!

Can I Return My FunAir Product?

We know returning items is no fun! Refer to our Return and Refund Policy found in our terms and conditions document on this website.

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Shipping & Returns

Inventory products ship within 1 business day of receipt of order. Custom products: Expedite + Air Freight = 30 days or less from receipt of order. Standard + Air Freight = 30 to 45 days from receipt of order. Standard + Ground = 45 to 60 days from receipt of order.

Shipments weighing under 150 pounds within the 48 contiguous states will be shipped common carrier including, but not limited to, United Postal Service, United States Postal Service, and FedEx. Shipments. Shipments weighing over 150 pounds within the 48 contiguous states will be shipped LTL carrier. Residential deliveries may require an additional lift gate charge to be determined at the sole discretion of the LTL carrier in your region. The Company offers white glove service for additional cost to move your product from the drop off point at your residence (usually the driveway or curb) to the products place of use within a reasonable distance from the shipping address. Shipping outside of the 48 contiguous states will be subject to additional or international shipping fees to be determined by the carrier. Rates initially quoted by the web site for international shipments are not finalized until the international carrier can quote a rate for FunAir. Notification of any revisions to your initial shipping rate quote will verified by FunAir and communicated to you within 2 business days of order placement.


FunAir offers a limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship for products in possession of the original owner for the following time periods:

  • Custom Yacht Products = 3 years
  • Water-based Products (e.g., Dock Slide and Dock Slide Base) = 2 years
  • Land-based Products (e.g., Gaga Ball Pit, Super Sweet Slide) = 1 year
  • Accessories and pumps included with FunAir Products = 90 day manufacturer’s warranty