Get the best quote for your superyacht inflatable purchase

How to Get The Best Quote for Your Superyacht Inflatable Purchase

Our mission at FunAir is to create the ultimate superyacht inflatables that deliver a lifetime of fun and memories, designed with yacht crew, owners, and charter guests in mind. We understand the importance of finding the perfect inflatable for your superyacht needs. And we’re here to help.

Our team is dedicated to providing personalised solutions that enhance your onboard offerings and seamlessly fit into your superyacht toy box. With a focus on quality, durability, and innovation, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver products that bring joy and excitement to every yacht client.

Whether you’re looking for a custom Slide, Climbing Wall, or a Floating Lounge experience, FunAir is committed to helping you find the best inflatable for your next adventure on the water. Dive into this useful guide for getting the best quote for your next superyacht purchase.

How to Get Started With Funair

Measuring the FunAir inflatable Jet Ski Dock on MY Golden Odyssey

We get lots of awesome inquiries from yacht captains, senior crew, owners and management companies interested in finding out more about our yacht toys. We want this process to be as seamless as possible.

We know how busy life on board can be. So, here’s the best way to take an owner’s wish and receive an accurate and useful quote from the FunAir team.

Answer the following questions to get started:

What’s Your Yacht Like?

The FunAir superyacht inflatable collection on charter yacht Koju

To get started, tell us about the products you’re interested in and provide some general information about your yacht. The more details we have, the better we can cater to your needs. We pride ourselves at FunAir for delivering superior form and fit, ensuring our superyacht inflatables seamlessly integrate with your yacht’s design and space.

Key information includes:

  • The name of the yacht (if you’re able to and allowed to disclose this detail)
  • Its length and beam
  • The manufacturer
  • Make and model
  • Number of guests
  • Size of crew

Do You Have the Yacht’s General Arrangement?

Drone view of MY Treehouse showing the FunAir superyacht inflatable sea pool

When requesting a quote for our superyacht inflatables, sharing the General Arrangement of your yacht is incredibly helpful. By examining the General Arrangement of your superyacht, we can accurately determine whether a custom project is needed or if one of our Quickship options is suitable. If you don’t have the General Arrangement, no worries—we provide a FunAir Measuring Guide to help you gather the necessary details. This ensures an accurate and efficient quote process, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance.

What Experience Would You Like to Deliver to Charter Guests?

charter guests enjoying the superyacht inflatable seapool loungers table and shaded oasis on MY Impulsive

Our clients often approach us with specific goals in mind, whether it’s enhancing the guest experience with thrilling yacht toys or solving space constraints with compact inflatables. By understanding your objectives, we can tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs.

If your charter clients are an active family who love to spend their days out on the water, inflatables like our Floating Playground will be a perfect suit. But, if the vibe on board is more like cocktails on the beach and floating in the sun, Superyacht Beach Furniture or Wave Loungers may be the best bet.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few prompts to get you thinking about the right yacht inflatable for you.

  • Are you building a toy box from scratch or adding a specific toy to your collection?
  • Do you have FunAir inflatables on board already?
  • What’s the profile of your owner or charter clients?
    • A family with young kids
    • A multi-generational group, including grandparents
    • Young, active adults who want to explore
    • Relaxed adults who want to chill
  • What are your most popular toys that are currently on board?

What’s Your Timeframe to Get Yacht Toys Delivered?

The FunAir Inflatable Stern Yacht Slide on charter superyacht Barbara

Understanding your timeframe is crucial for us to deliver the best solution. Whether you need a quick turnaround with our QuickShip options or prefer a custom-designed inflatable, providing us with your timeframe helps us align our services with your needs.

Do You Have Photos of Your Yacht?

The FunAir inflatable yacht slide on charter superyacht Lotus

Sending us lots of photos of your yacht is very helpful for our design and engineering teams. Rest assured, we take your privacy seriously and are happy to review and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you share any pertinent details with us.

By getting over this initial information, the FunAir team can start working up options straight away. We often jump on a call to explore your request and love bouncing ideas around with you. We want to make your dream come to life.

Our in-house design and engineering teams work hard to develop the best-fit products and supply you with visual representations. The more information we have, the better the quote we can return to you. As with everything we do, we strive to be a world-class partner that keeps things simple and provides the ultimate range of yacht inflatables that reach way beyond your expectations.

We look forward to working with you. Get ready to turn your inflatable dreams into reality!

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