Inflatable Water Mat

The FunAir Inflatable Water Mat is a great place to hang out with all your friends. It inflates quickly, and it’s designed to pack tight and store in small spaces.

The FunAir Inflatable Water Mat

Inflatable Swim Mat

Made with commercial grade materials and workmanship, this inflatable swim mat is great for using on beach days, from your yacht out on the ocean or on lakes.

Extend the Fun

The FunAir Inflatable Water Mat is strong, packs tight and easily stores on your boat or in your garage. They are also a great source of fun for camps and waterfront resorts.

Why Choose a FunAir Inflatable Water Mat

Comfortable Surface

The Water Mat surface is comfortable to laze around on or slide into the fun whilst on the water.

Compact Storage

Using the latest durable yet lightweight materials means the Water Mat packs small and fits in small compartments.

D Ring Connectors

316 Stainless D Rings are conveniently located on the bottom of the mat so tying off to a boat, other mats, or other FunAir water products is easy.

Rest a While

As well as extending the fun, the FunAir Water Mat is also a useful resting platform to take a break between water sports.

Product Specs

FunAir inflatables are thoughtfully designed by our world class engineering team and carefully hand-made with the world’s best materials and manufacturing techniques.


Material Specs

Commercial grade drop stitch material with slick vinyl top layer, 316 stainless steel D rings.



Inflated: 549cm x 152cm x 5cm Packed: 67cm x 51cm x 33cm Weight: 36kg
set up

Set-Up Time

Average set-up time is 15 minutes depending on configuration.


3 year limited warranty.
Full details available on request.

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