Easy to assemble, simple to care for and packs away into just 2 bags, the Tiwal sailboat has all the boxes ticked for added fun on a superyacht! Tiwal is easy to use and accessible for owners and charter guests who have zero sailing experience, but also great fun for experienced sailors too! Responsive, stable and comfortable in light winds, it is dynamic and sporty in windier conditions.

Whether you have a charter guest who likes sailing single-handed, or a group of family and friends who wish to sail together, Tiwal is an awesome lightweight dinghy to enjoy ocean life. Feedback from superyacht crew so far has also been great, and the Tiwal has been a favoured yacht toy for crew to take out for a spin during those precious hours off. Whether launching from a FunAir Docking Solution or a using a crane or davit to lower it down onto the water, your Tiwal will be ready to go in no time! 

The Tiwal Dinghy is easy to use

Easy to Use

With simple controls and an ergonomic design, the Tiwal sailing dinghy is reassuring for novice owners and charter guests, yet awesome fun for seasoned superyacht crew. With a max load of up to 200kg (440lbs), the Tiwal 2L can welcome two adults or an adult and two kids onboard!

Sail Well in a Tiwal dinghy

Sail Well

The Tiwal sailboat is first and foremost a real boat. It points well upwind thanks to its large centerboard and V-shaped hull. It is also a real delight downwind with its wide-open transom. Hiking out on the wings, experienced yacht crew will appreciate the power of the square mainsail and carbon mast.

The Tiwal Dinghy fits in two bags

It Fits in Two Bags

The Tiwal sailboat is incredibly lightweight and packs into just 2 bags! Assembly takes between no more than 15 minutes, and taking it apart is no different. This is a sailboat that offers maximum fun, without fuss and while taking up minimal space on board your yacht!        

Tiwal Top Quality Manufacturing

Top Quality Manufacturing

Every part of the Tiwal has been designed to withstand the stresses not only of sailing, but also the wind, salt and sand! With an anodized aluminium structure, thermo-welded PVC hull, carbon mast and North Sails sail, each Tiwal is made to the highest quality.               

Why Choose Tiwal for Your Yacht Toy Box

The Tiwal Dinghy is compact & easy to store

Compact & easy to store

Superyacht Crew can pack the Tiwal boat into just two storage bags that are easy to manoeuvre on and off the water, making the Tiwal super easy to store onboard your yacht.

The Tiwal Dinghy is simple to set up

Simple to set up

Taking around 15 minutes to inflate and put together, charter guests will be on the water in no time! Inflate the hull, install the metal frame, unroll the sail and put the mast together. They’re off!

The Tiwal Dinghy has great options

Great options

With four models to choose from, there is sure to be a Tiwal to suit every charter yacht! Small & compact? Tiwal 2. Compact yet roomy? Tiwal 2L. Versatillity? Tiwal 3. Sporty & technical? Tiwal 3R.

Enjoy the freedom of a Tiwal Dinghy


Get your guests out on the water, to feel the wind and explore! Alone or together with others, the Tiwal adds a sense of fun & freedom to every charter booking that’s hard to beat!

Product Specs

Tiwal sailboats are made in France to the highest of standards and, with each part of our boats either repairable or replaceable, your Tiwal will serve up fun to crew and charter guests for many years to come!

Materials icon

Material Specs

Thermo-welded PVC hull
Anodized aluminium frame
Carbon mast
North Sails sails
Dimensions icon

Packed Dimensions

Tiwal 2L
145x40x35cm (4’9”x16”x14”)
110x40x25cm (3’7”x16”x10”)
Total weight: 55kg (122lbs)
set up icon

Set-Up Time

The Tiwal 2L takes no more than 15 minutes to assemble and disassemble.


Please contact Tiwal for details on their 3-year warranty.

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