Grace Mott


FunAir Ambassador Grace Mott driving a superyacht tender

Introducing Grace

Meet Grace Mott. Grace has held a passion for the water and marine life from a young age, and her love of scuba diving was what initially landed her first yachting job. Grace takes great pleasure in helping others discover the underwater world, whether it’s snorkelling, freediving, scuba or simply helping people feel calm in the water.

After completing her dive instructor certificate, she landed her first job on a superyacht. After working with so many inspirational women, she felt motivated to begin her licencing journey. Her career has taken her up and down the East and West Coasts of the United States, Panama, Costa Rica, Thailand and an Atlantic Crossing. From entering the industry in 2018 as a deckhand dive instructor, Grace is now an officer working on yachts between 60 and 90 metres with a string of impressive qualifications under her belt.

What Do you do for fun?

Luckily, I live a lifestyle that’s conducive to my passions. My absolute favourite thing to do for fun is practice freediving. Whether I’m spearfishing or training for depth, I always feel right where I’m supposed to be when breath-hold diving. I love to explore and soak up everything each destination has to offer, from culinary adventures to blowing glass, hiking, and lobstering. I also love woodworking, reading, listening to stories from old times and being around animals.

What Makes Yachting Unique?

In my opinion, the best bit of working on a yacht is that we help guests make lifelong memories. More often than not, guests depart and tell us they had a holiday they will never forget. It’s a special feeling knowing you’ve helped bring people closer. We get constant feedback that we are making positive changes in the world via our platform.

The best bit of my job, in particular, is helping to plan itineraries and excursions and getting people excited about the things I get excited over. I also really enjoy coaching the younger crew, teaching them how to be better yacht crew members and helping them grow.

Most of my favourite moments involve charter guests being really excited to point marine life out to me, like dolphins on the bow or sharks around the boat at anchor!

What Do You Love about FunAir?

After talking with John at the Fort Lauderdale boat show in November 2022, I was so inspired to learn about the passion and the thought that goes into creating the FunAir superyacht inflatable setups. Days on charter can be long and hard, but the FunAir team design their yacht toys in a way that makes sense for the crew and the boat. Knowing someone cares about our well-being can make a job feel 100 times easier, even when it does get hard.

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