Yachtie tips for job-hunting

Jumping ship this season? Yachtie tips for job-hunting success

As the Mediterranean yachting season draws to a close and the Caribbean season beckons on the horizon, it’s that time of the year when many superyacht crew members are moving on to a new boat or exploring new opportunities in the industry. If you’re thinking about jumping ship, we’re here to provide valuable tips and guidance on how to prepare effectively, brush up your CV, proactively approach opportunities, and ultimately distinguish yourself from the competition.

Here are our yachtie tips for job-hunting success:

Lean into your skills and hobbies outside of yachting

Charter superyacht crew doing yoga on a paddle board

Having a selection of skills that extend beyond the traditional yachting roles is essential. Think about it—a bartender’s expertise can be a lifesaver when it comes to serving drinks during a bustling onboard party. Lifeguarding earns you valuable points with safety-conscious guests. Charter yachts love to have a yoga or personal trainer on board, so getting certified can be a huge asset to any crew. And, with many yachts now investing in online social media presence, yacht photography and videography can be a huge advantage in your job search. Read this article to discover the best equipment, courses, resources, and inspiration for beginner yachtie photographers/videographers. Don’t underestimate the value of your transferable skills; they’re worth their weight in gold.

Network your way to success

Superyacht crew members at a networking event on board a yacht

Yachting events and parties are your playground for building valuable connections. Follow yacht companies’ social accounts to stay in the loop about end-of-season celebrations and try to go to some yacht show parties. Attending these events can introduce you to a world of opportunities. Be sure to have personal business cards on hand and after the event and make a point to follow up with the people you meet. Notes and emails can go a long way in making those connections. You can also read Yacht Crew: How to Make Yacht Shows Work For You which discusses valuable suggestions to help superyacht crew effectively navigate the yacht show scene and make these VIP yachting events work for you as a crew member.

It’s not just yacht agents or recruiters you want to network with. Your friends and fellow crew will often know of new opportunities. Treat every conversation with Captains and fellow crew members as a potential networking opporunity and a way to gather information on other yachts. You may strike up a conversation with a Captain who knows someone who is hiring or be warned away from a job opportunity by a peer. Always stay professional and make a good impression—you want to be remembered for the right reasons.

Get your superyacht references up to date

Charter yacht crew member using the Superyacht References website

While verbal references often do the trick, having at least three written references can give your CV an extra shine. If you’re leaving a role, try and get a written reference as soon as you leave, or better yet, even before you set foot off the passerelle. Employers appreciate the effort and it’s a strong first impression. Pro tip: it’s good manners to let your referees know you’re on the job hunt so they can expect a call. No one wants a recruiter catching them off guard.

There are also some great tools out there for crew to use. SuperYacht References offers its services to yacht crew for free. Individuals can sign up and submit their documents, certificates, and identification and SuperYacht References will run background and credibility checks to verify each crewmember. This process means that Captains, agents, and recruiters can easily view all certified crew and feel safe in the knowledge that each one is verified and competent for the job. It’s a huge time-saver and Captains love it! Sign up here and get a step ahead of your competition already.

Scrub up your socials

Charter yacht Captain standing in front of a luxury superyacht

Ensure your personal social media accounts are set to private, or better yet, remove any content that might raise eyebrows during a job search. Discretion is key in the yachting world so don’t have anything online that you wouldn’t want a past, present or future boss to see. Your digital footprint is important. Consider creating a separate professional account to showcase your yachting career, achievements, onboard projects and where you are in the world. It’s also a good idea to engage with other yachting accounts to increase your visibility in the community and show your passion.

Get creative with your yachting CV

A superyacht crew recruiter checking the CVs of yacht crew

Ditch the traditional printed CV when dock walking. Instead, create a tangible item with a QR code for Captains to easily access your CV on their mobile devices or computers. Captains love something a bit different, so why not attach a QR code to some sweet treats or even a refreshing drink for the hot, sweaty deckhand on deck taking the CV from you? You can also invest in some personalised RFID business cards so one tap can take someone to your website, social media channels, and online CV.

Be proactive and productive while on board

Superyacht online courses to study for crew

During those long stretches at sea, why not boost your CV and qualifications with an online course? From learning a new language to watching masterclasses on cocktails, any signs that you’ve taken the initiative to boost your skillset give a great impression to future employers. Download any educational materials beforehand if you can’t access Wi-Fi on board and those long bridge watch hours can become productive study sessions.

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