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Beachside Bliss: Inflatable Beach Furniture for Luxurious Superyacht Beach Setups

The Caribbean yacht charter season is upon us and we know that crew are gearing up for incredible guest trips filled with unforgettable beach excursions. Whether you’re a seasoned yachtie or a new crewmember, there’s one thing we all know that charter guests need for an exceptional beach experience in the Caribbean – FunAir’s inflatable beach furniture.

Beach setups are always a hit for charter clients and our inflatables make it easy to win big with guests. Picture the scene: Caribbean blue waves, warm sunshine, and a luxurious beach setup to relax on all day. Lightweight and simple to carry on a tender, our collection can transform a blank stretch of sand in moments.

One of the greatest advantages of FunAir’s beach furniture is its portability. The entire setup can be easily packed up and transported on the yacht’s tender, making it a breeze to switch from yacht mode to beach mode. No more struggling with heavy teak chairs and sunbeds that take up valuable space, are rust-prone and aren’t as comfortable or stylish. Moreover, our extensive range of beach furniture includes options with premium customizable covers. These covers not only maintain the pristine condition of your loungers but also allow for effortless cleaning in the laundry, ensuring durability throughout the entire season.

Not sure where to start with your FunAir beach set-up? If you’re looking for inspiration, read on:

Explore a World of Yacht Loungers for Every Taste and Preference

Beach Loungers

My Illusion Beach Loungers

The Beach Loungers are one of our most popular products. Think of them as the comfiest deck chair you’ve ever laid on. Yacht guests love to sit back and relax on these by the water’s edge—not a sandy towel in sight. The Loungers can also be enjoyed in combination with other FunAir inflatables to transform into an entirely new yacht toy to be enjoyed in its own way, like the Floating Island, for the ultimate relax-and-float experience that can also be used for beach days. Have something specific in mind? Choose to have 2, 3, or even 6 Loungers on an inflatable platform designed to your taste for the ultimate hangout with friends and family.

Wave Chairs and Wave Loungers

Wave Loungers belonging to superyacht No Bad Ideas at Sampson Cay

The FunAir Wave Chairs and Wave Loungers are all about relaxing and lounging in style and comfort. The Wave Chair was designed after popular demand from clients looking for inflatable furniture that is slightly smaller in size to accommodate smaller guest areas on board and pack away into compact storage spaces. All of the comforts, but takes up half of the space. As the name ‘Wave’ would suggest, these yacht toys are designed to look like an ocean wave and are super comfortable for sunbathing or taking naps in the sunshine. Plus, the Wave collection can also be used alongside our Sea Pools by simply clipping them into the D-rings, so your guests can spend time on the water and by the action without getting wet.

Club Chair and Club Chaise

Club Chairs and Chaise in front of superyacht at MYS 2022

For a touch of elegance and style, our Club Chair and Club Chaise offer a more elevated look. One of the newest additions to our beach furniture line, these inflatables are perfect for recreating a lounge-like ambience on the beach, sundeck, or the yacht’s swim platform. The Club Chaise can even float on the water by swiftly removing the bottom, so guests can effortlessly float by the shore’s edge or near the yacht itself. The Club Chaise is large enough to be enjoyed by multiple guests at once—couples love to cosy up on this and take in the views together.

Inflatable Daybed

Wave Loungers and Day Bed on a Jetty

Whether you’re beach-bound or claiming a sunny spot on the swim platform, our Daybed is a versatile gem that takes the same comforts of your luxurious cabin bed, outdoors. Sunbathing just feels a little bit more luxurious with its double-width size—perfect for two people to share. Charter guests love to use it for sun-soaked naps by the water, lounging on the deck, or creating a comfy setup wherever you need extra seating. Lay back, grab a cocktail, and sunbathe the day away on our Daybed.

All of our Loungers and Chairs are super versatile and aren’t just limited to use on beach days. Crew can set them up on deck for movie nights, inflate them on the swim platform for some water-side lounging, or create extra seating on various outside areas of the yacht. The best part? It can all be deflated after each use, packed light and tight and stored away until the next use. No clutter with bulky furniture that takes up the already limited storage available on yachts.

Alfresco Cocktail Hour With the Inflatable Bar

FunAir Bar in front of a superyacht

The latest addition to the FunAir beach furniture collection is the Inflatable Bar. In minutes, the crew can create a private tiki bar on the beach or an al fresco cocktail club on the deck. It’s a perfect accessory for any party area on board. Plus, you can customize the front with your yacht’s name or logo for a unique touch. The ultimate mix of fun and functionality, take your yacht’s beach gatherings to the next level with the Inflatable Bar.

Meet FunAir at FLIBS 2023

Team FunAir at FLIBS

The FunAir team will be showcasing a selection of our bestselling beach furniture at FLIBS 2023. Find us at booth #866, our usual spot in the Superyacht Builders tent in Bahia Mar. We’d love to show you firsthand how our inflatable beach furniture can elevate your yacht experience.

Get ready to embark on a season filled with stylish, comfortable, and memorable beach excursions. Make FunAir’s inflatable beach furniture your trusted companion for the journey ahead. Your guests will thank you! If you have a specific design concept that requires refinement and realization, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected]. For additional details about our diverse product range, click here. To witness firsthand how our Beach Furniture enhances beach days in the Caribbean, visit our social media channels where we showcase delightful setups and joyful moments of our superyacht clients.

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