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New product alert! Meet the Inflatable Climbing Playground

Yacht show season is in full swing and we’re excited to announce a brand new product: The Climbing Playground.

The Climbing Playground is an extra fun evolution of our Floating Playground, jam-packed with a climbing frame, an inflatable slide, a FunSize version of the popular BigAir Blob and now the addition of a super cool climbing wall.

The Climbing Playground: Launching at Monaco Yacht Show 2023

FunAir Climbing Playground on display at Monaco Yacht Show

FunAir will be at the Monaco Yacht Show this year and it will be the first time the Climbing Playground is on display for yacht owners, crew and charter managers to check out. As always, FunAir will be on Quay Louis II on the front deck of the Captain & Crew Lounge.

As well as the Climbing Playground, we will have a new inflatable bar to enjoy and a selection of our inflatable coffee tables and seats to use. Yacht captains and crew are invited to come and check out the Captain & Crew Lounge, chill and enjoy the complimentary food, drinks, and the views of Port Hercules before returning to their boat. It’s your chance to get first dibs on the hottest new inflatable product this season.

Monaco Yacht Show is held from 27 – 30 September and FunAir is back as a sponsor of the Captain & Crew Lounge. Find out more info here.

What makes the Climbing Playground extra awesome for yachts?

The FunAir Climbing Playground in front of a superyacht at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023

The standout feature of the new and improved Climbing Playground is the climbing wall. As the first company to manufacture this product specifically for yachts, we’ve spent years fine-tuning its design so it continues to be the best. The Climbing Wall has long been a favourite inflatable for yacht guests and now, the crew can seamlessly attach the Climbing Wall and the Floating Playground to create an on-water adventure centre.

With both of these inflatables joined together, it completely transforms the playground experience. Instead of stepping up and sliding down the inflatable structure, you have a fun and challenging climb to conquer. Competitive guests will spend hours trying to race up the climbing wall! We even added a rope for those daredevils who want to take it up a notch and pull themselves to the top. For those a little less confident, our non-slip Sea Stairs give a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

This combo of inflatables is perfect for those yachts that don’t have space for a regular Climbing Wall or for smaller guests who can’t quite reach those crazy heights. At FunAir, we’re all about taking fun to the max. We’re always thinking of new ways to create more opportunities for guests to love their time on the water. Combining our most popular products made a lot of sense, and we’re excited to see yacht clients live it up on the Climbing Playground next charter season.

As with all FunAir products, the inflatables are designed to be epic for guests and super convenient for the crew. The Climbing Playground inflates and deflates in minutes, easily packs away, and is lightweight enough to be moved around the yacht by just two crewmembers.

Build your own Climbing Playground set up

Superyacht Charter guest on FunAir Playground

The beauty of the Climbing Playground is its versatility. Yacht crew can effortlessly switch out the Climbing Wall for the Junior Big Air Blob and in seconds, you’ve got your own customized Playground. This setup is a big hit with older children and active guests as it allows you to climb up the Climbing Wall and then jump onto the Big Air Blob for an added challenge (and extra height). Any of FunAir’s best-selling products can be an accessory to the Climbing Playground and it comes with a mini slide as standard. The only limit is your imagination.

Pitch us your yacht inflatable ideas!

We love hearing feedback from our clients on our products, as well as ideas for new inflatables. Captains, owners, and yacht enthusiasts are all invited to reach out to us with their fresh ideas. It’s through collaboration that the most extraordinary FunAir concepts take shape. Ultimately, yacht captains and crew see guests interact with our inflatables each day so they bring not just innovative ideas but also highlight unique challenges for our engineering and design team to solve. Many of our most exciting product innovations have originated from this collaborative process. Yacht owners want a new toy to entertain guests or attract new charter opportunities, yet find themselves constrained by onboard limitations or the absence of suitable options in the market. That’s where we step in to make it a reality.

We wholeheartedly embrace fresh ideas and can’t wait to bring your next dream inflatable to life. The only limits are the boundaries of your imagination and, of course, the laws of physics.

If you’re heading to the Monaco Yacht Show this year, make sure to check out FunAir at the Captain & Crew Lounge, we can’t wait to see you. For more information on any of our other inflatable yacht toys, visit our product page here.

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