View of Port Hercule in Monaco with superyachts anchored for the Monaco Yacht Show

Yacht Crew: How to Make Yacht Shows Work For You

The autumnal yacht show season is fast approaching. With Cannes Yachting Festival, Monaco Yacht Show, and FLIBS just around the corner, it’s time to make the most of your presence at these shows. As the summer charter season comes to an end and the Caribbean season is about to begin, yacht crew should see these events as an incredible opportunity to enhance their careers.

Yacht shows have packed agendas. It’s not just about working on board for the boss during the day and hitting the crew parties at night, crew can really take advantage of these shows in a number of ways. Whether it’s your first-ever event or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s important to maximise your time and level up your career.

Here are some valuable suggestions to help you effectively navigate the yacht show scene:

Network with Other Yachts like a Pro

Members of superyacht crew networking at the Monaco Yacht Show

Yacht shows are bustling with industry professionals, potential employers, and fellow crew. Whether you’re interacting with charter guests or owners on board or simply passing by fellow yachts, you should always aim to leave a lasting impression. Even a simple hello to passersby can lead to valuable connections in your career. The yacht world is all about personal relationships. Be approachable and remember that your hard work and positive attitude won’t go unnoticed. Networking is a huge part of successfully navigating the show. However, it’s really important not to neglect your primary duties and appear slack to your current Captain and team. You don’t want to leave the show with no new prospects and no job.

Keep Updated with Yacht Industry News

Delegates at a Yacht Industry conference

Yacht shows are an ideal opportunity for staying updated on the latest industry trends, vessel sales, companies, and innovations. Explore new products and services related to your department and take notes. If you get a break from duties on board, don’t just head to the bar and chill out with your friends. Try to attend any presentations or panel discussions that are happening with key industry figures. You never know who you will meet or what you will learn. You never know, you can maybe even impress your Captain or owner with your knowledge and contacts.

The same approach applies to casual conversations. It may be tempting to discuss a variety of non-yachting topics with new acquaintances, but keep an ear open for tidbits that may help your career or connections. Is an owner unhappy with his agent? A new yacht about to launch from a shipyard? Or a Captain looking for a new crew member? Be a keen listener and you’ll be surprised what you may find out.

Look Sharp, be Prepared and Present Yourself Well

Male and Female superyacht crew members welcoming charter guests on board with champagne

As with all jobs and professional events, first impressions count. Make sure that your appearance and behaviour make you stand out for the right reasons. At all times, keep your uniform clean and neatly tucked in, and hair and facial hair are well-groomed. It may sound obvious, but make sure to limit any alcohol consumption—you never know who is watching!

Consider ordering your own set of business cards with your personal email address, contact details and even a QR code to download your CV if you want to really take it up a notch. Many Captains and senior crew use specific email addresses that are connected to the yacht, which aren’t useful when crew move onto new roles. Looking sharp and being prepared will go a long way in leaving a positive and professional impression on anyone you meet.

Work Hard to Stand Out to Yacht Owners and Captains

Hard working yacht crew cleaning a superyacht

Yacht shows are hugely important to Captains and owners. If they are looking to sell the boat or impress potential charter clients, you need to give 110% for the entire show. Going above and beyond during this time can set you apart from the competition and potentially make your boss some serious cash. If your exceptional work contributes to the success of the yacht’s showing or charter bookings, word is likely to spread about your commitment to the job. You could be one step closer to that coveted promotion—even before the boat is sold. Senior crew, captains, owners and brokers have long memories and it’s worth putting in the effort today. Impress your current (or potential future) boss at the yacht show and it could pay dividends in future career prospects.

Connect with Yacht Recruiters and Yacht Agents

Yacht Recruiters and Brokers talking in front of superyachts at the Monaco Yacht Show
Image: Orca Media for FunAir

It’s not just Captains, owners, and charter brokers who you should be looking to network with, a yacht show is a great opportunity to meet with recruiters and yacht managers. Go out of your way to politely introduce yourself and put a face to a name. If you’re applying for jobs, this can make you really stand out—a 10-minute conversation makes you more than just a CV. Even if you’re not job-hunting at the moment, take everyone’s business card and email them after the show—you never know when these conversations will come in handy.

Keep the Future of Your Yacht Career in Mind

Yacht crew member shaking hands with a superyacht owner

If you’re considering transitioning from a yacht crew position to a shore-based role, yacht shows offer a fantastic chance to explore your options. It’s common knowledge that many companies want to employ ex-yacht crew, who intimately understand life on board. Use this time to network and learn about potential businesses and positions that interest you for your future ashore. Establish connections early so that when the time comes to apply, you can refer back to your meeting at the show and potentially secure your next career move.

As a seasoned yachtie, you’ll likely see the same faces at different shows. Always remember to say hello and stop for a chat if you have the time. The yachting world is small and it’s always worth building a rapport with any shoreside companies and their representatives.

Yacht Show 101: Don’t Burn Out

Yacht crew playing pub football in the Captains and Crew Lounge at Monaco Yacht Show

Yacht shows can be exhausting. Sometimes crew need a break from the chaos, which is why FunAir is back as a sponsor of the Monaco Yacht Show’s Captain & Crew Lounge. Reserved for crew on board the yachts at the show, the C&C Lounge offers a relaxation area with entertainment, games, refreshments, wifi, and a wellness lounge all day. With breakfast and lunch served each day of the show, it’s a great place to catch up with acquaintances, meet industry connections, and take a break from the heat. Click here to register your attendance.

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Enjoy the yacht show season and remember to tag us on socials when you visit our booths & displays at the upcoming shows. We have some exciting new inflatable yacht toys on display this year that you don’t want to miss out on.

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