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How to Revamp Your Charter Yacht Toy Box In 2024

The new year is the ideal time to make a splash with a revamped superyacht toy box. If you want to increase charter bookings in 2024, it’s possible to enhance your yacht’s appeal—without a complete overhaul or spending thousands of dollars. From making your yacht more family-friendly to snapping some professional pictures, read on to find out how to revamp your charter yacht in the new year.

Get To Know Your Yacht Charter Guests

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The first step in upgrading your charter offering is understanding your main charter guests. Are they families with kids, older individuals who want to chill out with beach days, or perhaps an active group of friends looking for fun-filled days out on the ocean? Tailoring your offerings to these preferences is key to providing a memorable yacht charter experience and keeping charter clients coming back for more.

Identifying the guests you’d like to attract can guide your charter yacht toy selection. Whether it’s families, adventure-seeking groups, or those preferring remote, chilled-out destinations, there are FunAir toys to cater to every taste:

For families: Showcase your yacht as the perfect destination for all ages by adding family-friendly toys like the Floating Oasis, Yacht Slide, and Climbing Playground. A Jet Ski Dock is also a great option to ease any concerns about getting on and off yacht toys for smaller or older guests.

For active groups: Whatever the age, if your group wants to be out on the water all day, opt for Inflatable SUPs, BigAir Blobs and Climbing Wall. Want to amp up the competitive atmosphere on board? Get a Yacht Golf set and watch the guests practice their swings into the sea.

For a chilled crowd: If your charter group wants to chill, the FunAir beach furniture is the way to go. This selection of inflatables can transform any sandy shoreline and create a luxury, beach club feel in minutes.

Optimize Your Yacht’s Budget and Space


For yachts with budget or space constraints, our FunFlex range is an excellent solution and creates a starter kit of inflatables that is both budget-friendly and storage-efficient. Just one or two inflatables can really up your yacht’s game. Popular choices for more compact yachts include The Lagoon Pool, Wave Loungers, Splash Island, or the Twin Escape inflatables. Each one offers versatile setups that can fit almost any sized yacht and will keep guests entertained for hours.

Quickship: Your Fast Track to Superyacht Success

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Need an inflatable fast? Consider in-stock QuickShip options for timely delivery, ensuring you have the latest FunAir products that are perfect for your guests. It’s not too late to secure the coolest toys for your Caribbean charters with QuickShip. With expedited delivery, yachts can stand out and secure bookings with new or returning guests.

Explore Your Yacht Toy Rental Option

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While FunAir doesn’t handle rentals directly, we have numerous trusted partners available for short-term toy rentals. This is a great option for charter groups that request specific toys for their trip and for larger family charters which require additional superyacht inflatables. Consider renting products for a single charter or a few days, so you can shake up your toy box and test the waters before making a long-term investment.

How to Boost Your Yacht Charter Listing


Standing out from the crowd is imperative when it comes to boosting your yacht charter credentials. We recommend four simple things to boost your appeal with potential clients:

Show off your itineraries:

Create a website featuring sample cruising itineraries to provide potential charter guests with insights into the destinations your yacht travels to. Include as many details as possible to capture their imagination and get them excited for their next vacation.

Build up your social media:

Leverage the power of social media by creating an Instagram account managed by a dedicated crew member. This approach can attract charter bookings organically and build up your yacht’s reputation as the place to be. Captivating photos and clips of the yacht, amenities, destinations, and adventures entice potential charter guests, sparking excitement and prompting swift bookings.

Organise a professional photoshoot:

Plan a photoshoot showcasing all your toys. Nowadays, it’s all about the visuals. Share this content with brokers, crew, and toy companies to maximise your yacht’s exposure. The content of this shoot will come in handy to use on your social media channels and website too. Yacht media publishers actively seek great yacht shots for upcoming articles. Ensure the content of your photoshoot is widely distributed to increase the chances of them being featured online and in magazines, possibly even landing a front cover—a common occurrence for photos initially discovered on Instagram.

Hire the multi-talented yacht crew:

It may seem obvious, but employing crew members with unique skills, such as a pro kitesurfing, massage therapist, or diving instructor, enhances the overall charter experience. Consider hiring crew with additional skills or experience as a nanny to better cater to families with children or a fitness instructor that’s able to.

Start 2024 with a bang and upgrade your yacht to the next level. By adding a selection of FunAir’s best-selling toys to your charter offering, you’ll be set to make a lasting impression on your guests and secure bookings for your yacht’s most successful year yet. Feel

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