FunAir’s yacht crew Christmas gift guide 2023

FunAir’s Yacht Crew Christmas Gift Guide 2023

As the festive season approaches, finding the ideal Christmas gifts for your fellow superyacht crew members and getting presents delivered on time can be a challenge. But, do not worry, when it comes to spreading holiday cheer, we’ve got it all figured out.

Whether you’re participating in an onboard Secret Santa exchange or shopping for stocking fillers, we’ve curated a Christmas gift guide of thoughtful and practical gift ideas tailored to the unique lifestyle of yachties. From cabin essentials to personalised family gifts, our Christmas gift guide covers a range of budgets to suit every need.

Consider your Christmas shopping sorted.

Gifts for Crew Living and Working Spaces

Computer workstation accessories in a superyacht crew members cabin

Consider gifting personalised items to make their cabins cosier, fostering a homely atmosphere. Similarly, for those spending significant hours in the yacht office, thoughtful gadgets and personalised touches can transform their workspace into a more enjoyable space for them.

Office equipment and gadgets: Gifting crew members who work in the yacht office practical and personalised gadgets, from wireless charging stations to fun keyboards and personalised leather desk pads, show thoughtful consideration for their daily comfort and bring a daily dose of joy to their workspace.

Cabin decorations: Brighten up someone’s cabin and personal space with a digital picture frame, fairy lights or a chic mirror. Consider soft furnishings like cosy blankets or cushions to make a living space much more comfortable after a long day with guests.

Diffusers: Enhance the ambience of a cabin with a subtle fragrance diffuser to bring the spa vibes to the crew quarters.

Budget Gifts for Secret Santa

Fun socks given as a secret santa gift by a charter yacht crew member

The beauty of the Secret Santa tradition lies in the element of surprise, the unexpected recipient and your budget constraints. Our advice? You can either get creative or buy some essentials for your gift this year:

Socks: Everyone needs a good pair of socks. If you’re stuck on ideas, bamboo or cashmere socks are always a crowd-pleaser.

Sunglass care kits: Living on the water can wreak serious damage on your glasses. Who wouldn’t love a sunglasses care kit? Top it off with a durable casing, or stylish sunglass straps to keep their sunnies safe and secure.

Imported treats: When you’re far away for Christmas, sometimes a tasty treat can make you a little less homesick. Ask your fellow yacht crew what their favourite snacks are from their country and give them the ultimate surprise (and comfort) from home!

Hobbies and Gadgets for Yacht Crew

Superyacht crew member using an underwater camera

Stuck on what to buy? Take a look at your fellow superyacht crew’s hobbies for inspiration on buying gifts this year.

Smartwatch bands: Upgrade their smartwatch style with cool, waterproof and durable bands.

High-tech earphones: Noise-cancelling earphones are a must-have for a superior audio experience during workouts, for relaxation and ideal for travelling.

Underwater cameras or GoPro accessories: Perfect for those crew members who are passionate about capturing their ocean adventures.

Travel gadgets: Compact and practical gadgets that make life on the go more convenient. A worldwide adaptor is a win-win for world travellers!

Yacht Work-Related Presents

Superyacht crew Christmas gift of a chefs knife and bag

As you and your crew members work closely together, Christmas is a great opportunity to make their day-to-day activities a little bit brighter. When choosing gifts, think about practicality and consider tailor-made gifts for their specific roles.

Chef’s knife bag: A stylish and functional bag for the onboard chef to keep their knives organised.

Polaroid sunglasses with floating strap: Ideal for deckhands who want to combine style with practicality.

Waterproof speaker: For crew members who enjoy music during water activities or relaxation.

Health and Wellness Gifts for Yacht Crew

A Smartwatch Fitness Tracker gifted to a member of charter yacht crew

Many yacht crew enjoy staying fit and healthy while on board. Why not encourage them with a new Christmas gift to level up their wellness routine?

Fitness tracker: Ideal for those who enjoy monitoring their physical activity, sleep, and overall health.

Exercise mat in a fun pattern and colour: A great gifting option for crew, providing them with a portable and versatile fitness accessory that can be used in their cabin, on deck, ashore or wherever they choose to take a break and practise self-care.

Subscription to a fitness app: Bring the gym to the yacht! Many apps provide access to guided workouts, meditation sessions, or nutrition plans on the move. Lots of crew would like access to these wellness apps but end up spending their money on other stuff. Getting a subscription as a gift, though, is pretty awesome.

Yacht Crew Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Back Home

A santa christmas decoration on board a charter superyacht

While your fellow crew members become like family, special days like Christmas may intensify the longing for your own people around you. Despite the miles that separate, you can still share the joy of Christmas with loved ones back home. Make the season brighter by choosing thoughtful gifts that transcend the distance. Consider surprising your family with a heartfelt delivery, fostering a sense of warmth during this special time.

Electronic picture frame: A digital frame preloaded with photos of some of your happiest memories together.

Custom tree decorations: Consider ordering personalised tree decorations featuring all your names etched onto them, or opt for ornaments with printed photos of you together. Choose images capturing happy memories that can be hung on the tree.

A care package from home: Put together a care package filled with their favourite homemade treats, snacks, and mementoes from home.

Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? Explore one of our previous blogs for even more gifting ideas specifically for yacht crew.

No matter your budget, a superyacht crew Christmas can be a memorable experience on board. Celebrate the festive season and get shopping!

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