FunFlex modular superyacht inflatable system

Superyacht Inflatable Starter Kit: Build Up Your Yacht Inflatable Collection With Funflex

What’s better than one FunAir yacht inflatable? A toy box full of them. As the sun-kissed days on the Caribbean water are ahead of us, it’s time to build up your yacht’s toy box without breaking the bank or sacrificing precious storage space.

We understand that every yacht is unique, with varying budgets, storage limitations, crew and charter demands. That’s why we’re excited to introduce an incredible new concept in the world of yacht toys: the FunFlex modular system.

The FunAir FunFlex System

FunFlex Beach Club Sea Pool, Swim Platform Extension, T Dock

FunFlex is a customisable collection to grow over the years rather than a one-time purchase. Think of it like a yacht inflatable ‘starter kit’. This innovative, flexible system allows yacht owners to start with a base inflatable product and gradually expand their collection, much like assembling Lego sets. The beauty lies in its versatility—you can mix and match inflatable pieces to create the perfect setup for any charter or yacht trip.

Every day can be different with FunFlex. This awesome system offers crew and charter guests an array of exciting options that are tailored to their daily plans. It promises maximum fun and flexibility throughout the day and is easily adapted for different charter groups and ages. The possibilities are endless.

The FunFlex system truly stands out for its ability to maximise the fun factor. Yachts can start small and build on some of our most popular products, such as the Sea Pool, Jet Ski Dock, or Swim Platform Extension. The modular design allows easy integration to new inflatables as your collection grows and means that your toys can be set up in any order, arrangement, or combination. Plus, throw in our selection of inflatable beach furniture and you can quickly transform any space to entertain guests for hours.

Space-saving Design for Yachts

FunFlex Beach Club Sea Pool, Wave Loungers, Jet Ski Dock

Forget about the puzzle of fitting one massive inflatable toy on board. FunFlex’s individual pieces can be stored separately, easily squeezed into different spaces around the yacht. No need to dedicate a vast area for a single, bulky toy that the guests might not even like; instead, customise your setup according to available space and preferences. Our inflatables also take just a few minutes to inflate and deflate, so it’s really easy to store them out of the way and get them ready quickly.

Budget-Friendly and Yacht Charter Ready

FunFlex Lagoon Pool, EFoil Dock, Swim Platform Extension

In addition to being space-savvy, FunFlex is a win-win for your budget. Yacht owners or captains can purchase individual pieces based on their current financial situation, gradually expanding the collection as charter income grows. This approach allows for a more informed decision-making process, ensuring you invest in toys that guests actually love and create a toy box that suits your yacht’s unique character.

The FunFlex Setup

FunFlex Swim Platform Extension, Dock, Wave Loungers and EFoil Dock

FunFlex includes some of our most popular products. The Sea Pool provides a secure, netted environment for guests to relax in the open waters beside the yacht. The Beach Club Sea Pool features an extended deck and multiple Wave Loungers for a luxurious oceanfront experience. For adrenaline enthusiasts, the Jet Ski Dock and toy dock seamlessly integrate with popular water toys and create a secure area to climb on the toys before racing out to sea. The T Dock and Beach Club are both versatile spaces for relaxation and socialization, while the Swim Platform is a dream option for guests who love to be by the water.

For yachts focused on entertainment, the FunAir Playground offers an extraordinary array of options. Starting with the Inflatable Playground as the base, you can add the Climbing Wall or the BigAir Blob. Want to add some accessories to the whole FunFlex experience? The Wave Lounger and Wave Chair are a simple, small way to start your FunAir collection. If your yacht wants subtle enhancements for beach day setups, the Wave Chair is the answer. Perfect for limited storage and lounging space, these chairs bring comfort and luxury to any deck or swim platform. These inflatables seamlessly integrate with Sea Pools, complement beach loungers, or even clip onto a Floating Island platform.

Seamless Integration With an Array of Popular Yacht Toys

FunFlex Sea Pool Jet Ski Dock, Swim Platform Extension, Dock

FunFlex doesn’t just stop at providing modular fun; it’s designed to complement the most popular yacht toys—from Jet Skis to SeaBobs, Seadoos and eFoils. With minimal (if any!) customisation required, you can seamlessly integrate FunFlex docks and platforms with your existing or future toys. Designed with flexibility in mind, the FunFlex system also caters to yacht owners who may be uncertain about their future water toy purchases. The inflatable FunFlex pieces, chosen now, effortlessly link up and integrate with inflatable docks added later, ensuring a seamless fit with any water toy selection. This adaptable approach allows yacht owners to confidently invest in FunFlex components, knowing they can easily customise their setup to align with evolving preferences and future water toy choices.

Why wait? Begin your starter kit today and choose FunFlex for a customizable on-water experience that effortlessly adapts to your guests’ preferences. Offering endless possibilities for excitement, embrace this approach to create a distinctive collection of yacht toys and start building the Fun now! For additional details about our diverse product range, click here. To see how our yacht clients are embracing their FunFlex systems, visit our social media channels where we showcase the fun setups and unforgettable moments of our superyacht clients.

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