Make Your Superyacht Charters Extra Special This Festive Season

Make Your Superyacht Charters Extra Special This Festive Season

With the holiday season nearly upon us, we are sure you are already thinking about festive superyacht charters and Christmas entertainment. The holiday season is a special time for everyone. It brings together families, friends, lovers, colleagues and even strangers. For most guests, the goal of their yacht charter will be to spend quality time and make lasting memories with their loved ones, and it’s down to the yacht crew to make your superyacht charters extra special this festive season, with a little help from team FunAir.

Luckily we specialise in superyacht fun. Our collection of superyacht inflatables, yacht toys, and beach furniture continues to delight superyacht guests and owners across the globe. But how can our range of yacht inflatables make a festive charter that extra bit magical? We’ve put together some ideas to both entertain and bring together your superyacht guests this holiday season so that you can make sure its a vacation they will always remember.

Inflatable Superyacht Toys and Games

2 Boys playing on Water Joust

Nothing brings together a group of people better than competitive games and group activities. Have your guests blow off some steam and work off that Christmas dinner by battling it out on the FunAir Water Joust. Competitors walk the balance beam to try and knock their opponent into the water below with their inflatable jousting poles. The Water Joust can be set up in just 30 minutes off the yacht out at sea or in the shallows on a beach day and is sure to get guests’ pulses racing and grins widening.

Mega Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Gather your guests and have them work together on the 18 foot Mega Inflatable SUP. The FunAir Mega Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard can easily float four to six adults as they learn to work as a unit whilst enjoying the beautiful surrounding scenery and oceanic splendour. They will be sure to remember this experience for a lifetime.

Yacht Golf swing from yacht stern to inflatable greens

For guests wanting to stay dry, have them sharpen their skills while enjoying some healthy competition with FunAir Yacht Golf. The inflatable golf greens can be tethered at different distances from the yacht with the quick-dry netting ready to catch successful balls. The accompanying eco-friendly golf balls are made from fish food and will dissolve completely in just a few days.

Superyacht Sea Pools

Make Your Superyacht Charters Extra Special This Festive Season

Extend the deck and turn the ocean into a private pool for your superyacht guests with a FunAir Sea Pool. These inflatable netted pools help protect swimmers from jellyfish and strong currents so guests of all ages can enjoy all the pleasures of the deep blue sea. Plan some pool games or throw in some pool toys to bring on the family fun. Or, let guests lounge on our inflatable loungers for the ultimate poolside experience.

FunAir Sea Pools are available in a range of QuickShip sizes, perfect for last-minute requests, and can be paired with a range of accessories like SeaStairs and Wave Loungers. Alternatively, they can be custom-designed to fit your yacht’s specifications and unique requirements. XL lap pool anyone?

Pool Toys and Decoration

Candy cane inflatable in pool
image: Pinterest

To make a pool experience that extra bit festive, why not add some holiday-themed toys and decorations? Websites like Amazon have a huge range of seasonal pool accessories. Have guests play with inflatable candy canes and reindeer floats, or decorate with giant solar-powered bauble lights for a magical added touch once the sun sets.

Pool Fillers

FunAir Pool fillers inflate inside of a pool to create a usable lounging space on the deck. They are a great option for families with young children or toddlers who may feel anxious about them playing around open pools. Pool Fillers prevent guests from falling into empty pools and provide an additional soft play area or lounging space.

Pool Filler installed in a superyacht pool

Superyacht Beach Day Fun

Beach Loungers with jetski on the beach and view of a superyacht

With the Caribbean being a yacht charter hotspot during the holiday period, a luxury beach setup is a must for any superyacht looking to impress. With beach BBQ’s and relaxing beach days at the top of many guests’ itinerary plans, it’s vital that the crew make these experiences extra special during the festive period.

Friends on Floating Island

The FunAir Floating Oasis is the perfect accompaniment for any beach day. Tether it to the beach, and eight adults can comfortably float out on the shallow waters, soaking up the sun and cooling off in the central netted dipping pool. The patented SeaStairs make it easily accessible to guests of all ages.

Friends cheers on Splash Island
Add an additional play area to the beach with the FunAir Splash Island. Tether it to the beach or yacht, and this stable floating island provides a platform for jumping, diving, playing, and relaxing. Its central netted dipping pool offers a safe space to cool off and enjoy the water for those who may feel wary of open water.

Inflatable Beach Furniture

Beach Loungers on white sand with tender and seabobBeach Loungers on white sand with tender and seabobBeach Loungers on white sand with tender and seabob

Give your guests the gift of supreme comfort and luxury with the FunAir Beach Collection. Our ergonomically designed Superyacht Beach Loungers are the perfect addition to any beach setup. The loungers are made from durable and lightweight materials and are designed for quick set up and pack downs and fold tight and light for easy transportation and storage of multiple pieces. Add an extra level of opulence by opting for a custom removable cover, available in a range of colours, fabrics, and finishes with the option to add the yacht’s logo.

Floating Splash Island in clear water by the beach

The Floating Shaded Island takes guests out to sea for a more social lounging experience. The Triangular Lounger Hub connects three Floating Shaded Loungers to create a six-person lounging island. The diverse double-width loungers provide stable, sumptuous seating that can be used individually or connected to the hub, allowing charter guests to float in paradise or soak up the sun on the beach.

For more inspiration on superyacht beach setups, check out our guide to the ultimate beach party setup, which can be found here on our blog.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to gift wrap some inspiration to make your festive charters that extra bit memorable. At the end of the day, it’s all about bringing your guests together and providing them with space and time to bond and create memories to last a lifetime. We’d love to hear your plans for upcoming charters and owner trips. Tag us in social posts @FunAirFun or browse the FunAir product pages to view our range of inflatable furniture and yacht toys.

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