The Ultimate Superyacht Beach Party Set Up

The Ultimate Superyacht Beach Party Set Up

A superyacht offers its guests the ultimate escape from reality. For charter guests, exploring the world on a floating paradise surrounded by oceanic splendour delivers a unique type of tranquillity that can be hard to achieve on any land-based getaway. With the addition of the superior service and care provided by the crew, the selection of amenities, superyacht inflatables and yacht toys onboard, there really is no better balance of relaxation, excitement and luxury.

Part of what makes a superyacht trip unforgettable is the unique experiences that the crew create for their guests. Whether it is a beautiful dinner table, an exhilarating afternoon spent enjoying the water sports program, a games night, or an extra special beach set up, guests appreciate the care and attention that goes into making the magic happen.

Planning and organising these experiences, can be a stressful and time-consuming task. At FunAir, we understand that time is a precious commodity for superyacht crew. With this in mind, we have put together the ultimate guide to creating the perfect superyacht beach party set-up.

Exclusive Beach Location

Motor Yacht SeaLyon Beach Loungers on secluded beach

Choosing a location should be the easy part. A picturesque and secluded beach far from the beaten path of land-based travellers and tourists should not be too hard to find from the vantage point of the yacht. It should be just a short tender trip away, with enough space for the deck crew to unpack all the necessary equipment.

The Caribbean and Bahamas are full of secret coves and experienced Captains will have a hot list of secluded beauty spots. If you are new to the scene, drop an email to [email protected] and we will share some of our favourite hidden gems.

Superyacht Beach Furniture

Motor Yacht Illusion out at anchor viewed from the sandy shore with FunAir Beach Loungers in the foreground

No matter what guest activities are on the agenda, comfortable seating is a must. Ideally, beach furniture should be lightweight and easy to pack and transport. The FunAir Beach Collection is ergonomically designed for maximum guest comfort. It is also crew friendly with each inflatable lounger or chair designed for a quick set up and pack-away, to fold tight and light and take up minimal space. This allows seating for large groups to be packed in to just one tender trip and the optional removable covers are a stews dream being easy to clean, and protecting the furniture from any spills.

Inflatable Beach Lounger

The FunAir Inflatable Beach Lounger from superyacht Samurai

Our Beach Loungers are a great addition to any luxury beach day. These super lightweight inflatable beach loungers can be anchored to the sand or attached to the FunAir Floating Island. Taking just a few minutes to set up, they are an ideal option for guests who like to sunbathe.

Inflatable Daybed

The FunAir Inflatable Daybed

The FunAir Inflatable Daybed is a double-width lounger ideal for a romantic couple’s beach set up or even a bunch of thrill-seeking kids. Built with the highest-grade materials, the day bed offers double the relaxation with all the same high-quality specs. Add some yacht branded towels or throws to make it extra special.

Superyacht Wave Furniture

FunAir Wave Loungers and Double Wave Lounger

FunAir’s innovative double and single Wave Loungers add an extra level of comfort with a unique, ergonomic design. The S-curved contour profile is both flexible and supportive and offers top-level lounging for charter guests big and small. For more upright comfort, FunAir also offers the Wave Chair. Cocktail-sipping has never been so opulent. Each lounger or chair takes just a minute or two to set up and pack down, and deflated products are light and small enough to fit inside a backpack. The attachment D-rings allow easy anchoring to the sand or Beach Club Sea Pool.

Floating Shaded Lounger and Island

FunAir Floating Shaded Island

The Floating Shaded Lounger is a diverse double-width lounger purposely designed to provide stable, sumptuous seating whilst floating on the ocean or lazing about on the beach. The detachable shade offers guests the option of taking cover from the sun when needed and they can be used individually or connected together using the new Lounger Hub to create the Floating Shaded Island pictured above.

Luxury Beach Cabana

A Luxury Beach Gazebo

No beach set-up is complete without providing shade from the heat of the day. A cabana or pavillion is a great touch. Tuuchi have several deluxe options that can be configured with teak or marine alloy frames, air vents and lots of drapes to create a lavish hideaway for VIP guests.

Beach Umbrella

Tuuci beach umbrellas

If you’re looking for multiple shade options, then the wide range of umbrellas & parasols Tuuci offers is the perfect solution to compliment their cabana or pavilion. Check out their Ocean Master Razor parasol that has a self-tilting canopy profile to adjust as the sun is shifting.

Shade 7 Monaco Outdoor Umbrella
image: @shade7umbrellas (Instagram)

If you like to fully customise your beach set up then the Shade 7 Monaco Outdoor Umbrella offers a stylish and functional shade solution. Available in a range of colours, they can also be custom printed with your yachts branding.

A 7* Feast on the Beach

Dining table set up on a beach

The ultimate beach experience provides a change of pace for both guests and crew, although logistics can prove to be a bit of a challenge. When planning food and refreshments, there are multiple options to consider. For example, are guests expecting a full sit-down meal? A casual BBQ? A cute picnic? Or a simple selection of snacks and beverages?

Superyacht Style Beach BBQ

Magma Newport Barbecue

A beach BBQ will require a lot of planning and coordination between the chef, interior, and deck team. The menu can be prepped on the boat, ready to be BBQ’d upon arrival. Portable, tabletop BBQ’s, like the Magma Newport Series, are a great option for easy set-up and dependability. Folding tables like Arc Marine’s Menorca table can be easily transported to the beach and used for chef cook stations or food presentation.

A Picnic Fit for a King and Your Yacht Owner

Fortnum and Mason Picnic Basket

If  your owner or charter guests fancy something a little more intimate, a luxury Fortnum & Mason picnic basket may be the perfect option. Pack this classic basket with fruit, salad, sandwiches, cheese, snacks, and treats and let guests enjoy a private beach picnic. Fortnums do deliver some food items globally and their range of hampers is divine. Check out their website for inspiration and to see what you can get delivered direct to the yacht.

Keeping Things Chill

Yeti coolbox

Coolboxes and bags are an essential bit of kit for any decent superyacht beach set-up. Yeti make almost indestructible coolers in all shapes and sizes and are one of our favourite brands that also originates from Austin, Texas. Their Tundra range has options with and without wheels in a range of super cool colours and capacities and will keep food and drinks chilled for days.

If you just need to keep drinks cold for a few hours then the Igloo 54 Portable Ice Chest is also a great choice. As an entry level cool box, the Igloo is robust, strong enough to sit on and has a 50 litre capacity.

Superyacht Guest Entertainment

While some guests may be content with soaking up the sun on their custom designed inflatable Wave Lounger, others may enjoy some form of entertainment or sea toys to while away the hours.  From a mobile outdoor cinema screen to our range of inflatable yacht toys, we’ve got the fun covered.

Yacht Golf

FunAir Yacht Golf on Motor Yacht Loon

FunAir’s Yacht Golf greens provide endless hours of fun. Anchor them onto the sand or have them floating in the ocean and let guests show off their swing. Many yachts tether multiple greens at different distances out the shallows to create a mini golf course. Each Yacht Golf is supplied with Albus Golf eco-friendly golf balls that are made from fish food and completely dissolve within a few days. As with every FunAir superyacht inflatable, there is the option to customise with your yachts logo and you can even request that the greens are shaped like famous golf greens from around the world.

Water Joust

FunAir Water Joust from Motor Yacht Lionheart
Image: Motor Yacht Lionheart

Providing hours of fun for guests of all ages, the Water Joust is an inflatable floating balance beam where guests can battle each other into the water using inflatable, oversized jousts. Comfort grip handles allow guests of all ages to take part and compete to see who is the ultimate gladiator.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

FunAir Mega SUP

Inflatable SUP boards are a fantastic addition to a superyacht beach day, especially with more active guests or those who like to explore their surroundings. FunAir’s Inflatable SUP boards are ideal, as when not in use, they pack away small, making them easy to transport and store and take just minutes to inflate. They are available in a range of sizes, including the Mega SUP, which can accommodate 4-6 people, making it a great beach group activity.

Floating Playground and Junior BigAir Blob

Backflip from the Motor Yacht Nomad FunAir Floating Playground
Image: @motoryachtnomad (Instagram)

This Inflatable Floating Playground provides hours of entertainment for guests of all ages. With climbing walls, a slide, and the detachable Junior BigAir Blob, users can climb, slide, and bounce until their heart’s content as long as the water is deep enough to accommodate epic level backflips.

AirScreen Outdoor Cinema Under the Stars

Airscreen Nano outdoor cinema screen
Image: @airscreen (Instagram)

The AirScreen Nano is the perfect movie screen for the beach or movie nights on deck. Charter guests can enjoy their favourite movies under the canopy of the night sky with this stunning 10ft or 3m wide projection surface. The screen inflates in just 60 seconds and comes with a blower and fixing system. A projector and sound system are also included in the complete package, or you can choose to purchase those separately.

Guest V Crew Volleyball Matches

Beach Volleyball net

For energetic groups, beach volleyball is a must. With quick and easy net installation, it is no hassle for the crew, and guests can enjoy the sportive competition. Just be careful though, many a crew have been roped into a Crew VS Guest match. We leave it up to you to decide who should win!

Giant Jenga Games on the Sand

Woman playing Giant Jenga

This giant version of the classic wooden game, Jenga, is a fantastic beach game. Take a moment to make sure you have a flat sandy surface to start with and then you’ll have guests of all ages competitively tapping blocks pulling out all the techniques they learned from the standard sized version.

Blast Out The Summer Tunes

JBL Boombox

What is a beach party without music? The JBL Boombox is a portable Bluetooth speaker with up to 24 hours of playtime. It makes the perfect beach companion with great acoustics, super loud volume, and a waterproof shell.

Light Up the Beach When the Sun Goes Down

A string of beach lights

If you are planning a sundowner beach party or there is a chance the afternoon may run into the evening, then lighting will be required. Solar-powered or rechargeable lights are the best option and can help provide a magical ambience.

Battery-Powered Fairy Lights

Battery powered fairy lights

Fairy lights are maybe one of the most versatile forms of outdoor lighting. With nearly 20 metres of lights providing 180 hours of illumination, these Lights4Fun fairy lights can be wrapped around trees, hung from gazebos, or attached to furniture. 

Solar String Beach Lights

A string of solar powered lights

Light up the beach with these solar-powered festoon lights. Hang them from gazebos or trees to create the ultimate night time beach set-up. Perfect for defining the party zone or giving younger guests a definied perimeter that they have to stay within after dark.

Superyacht Safe Tiki Torches

Solar Powered Tiki Torches

These Tiki Torches add an ambient glow to any after-dark beach set-up. Stake them into the sand, and they will provide up to 10 hours of ultra-realistic flickering flames. We’ve had these outside FunAir HQ for two years now and they light up the path every evening without fail.

Hopefully, our guide has provided some inspiration for your superyacht beach party set-up. We would love to see and hear all about how your yacht sets up for a charter guest or owner beach experience, and please let us know if any of our recommendations were a success.

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