Why the FunAir Sea Pool is Always a Yacht Guest Favourite

Why the FunAir Sea Pool is Always a Yacht Guest Favourite

The FunAir Sea Pool is a remarkable addition to any superyacht’s toy box, earning praise from yacht owners, charter guests, and crew alike. Its comfortable, luxurious, and spacious design provides endless fun while ensuring stability on the water. Without fail, the Sea Pool has asserted itself as an indispensable inflatable, a must-have addition to any superyacht’s on-water experience.

This month, as well as highlighting what our customers love about FunAir Sea Pool’s, we’re also announcing an incredible new feature that will seriously upscales the luxury pool resort vibe that our netted pools bring to the party.

A New Sea Pool Feature! Underwater Lights

An exciting new update: Our Sea Pools can now come with in-built underwater lights. A favourite extra touch for owners and charter guests, an underwater light display is an amazing way to make an impression on the water. Yachts can customise the colour of the lights and even have their logo imprinted on the netting for a mesmerizing display at night. The colour of the lights can even be changed to match the evening’s dinner party theme or add an extra element of decoration to a holiday celebration, such as the Fourth of July.

Bonus Real Estate for the Yacht

FunAir Sea Pool on charter superyacht Milestone

The Sea Pool offers bonus real estate for yachts that can take many different forms, depending on the makeup of the charter group or family on board. It can create a beach club atmosphere in the middle of the ocean. It can be a launching spot for water activities and games. Our Sea Pool’s can be a private area for guests to enjoy themselves away from the crew. It can also be the go-to swimming spot for charter yachts that don’t have a pool or only have a small Jacuzzi. The versatility of the Sea Pool really makes a yacht stand out and appeal to owners, crew, and charter clients.

An Enclosed Space for Yacht Guests

FunAir Sea pool on superyacht Koju

Our netted Sea Pool keeps all the swimmers in one place, which puts both parents and the crew at ease. The adults can keep an eye on all the children who are swimming in the ocean and they are secured in one spot so they won’t float too far away from the yacht. As the FunAir netted Sea Pool contains everyone in one area, the crew can make sure that no one drifts off or floats in the way of a passing tender. It’s not just all about the fun. The enclosed space adds an extra level of security while swimming in the water.

Compatible with Other Popular FunAir Products

FunAir Beach Club Sea Pool on Motor Yacht Nomad

Guests love how compatible the Sea Pool is with many other FunAir inflatables. For the sports lovers in the group, you can tee off from the Sea Pool towards the golf green and create a mini Masters series on board. It’s also the ideal companion for the FunAir Playground, as the crew can set up the playground and arrange the mini slide to point directly into the netted Sea Pool (a big hit with children and parents alike). Likewise, the Sea Pool is a safe, enclosed space for inflatable games and toys, such as the Water Joust, to be enjoyed. Finally, the SeaStairs can be seamlessly attached to the Sea Pool so that guests can easily enter and exit the water without pulling themselves up. Children and older adults love feeling able to get back to the vessel without any assistance.

Another great feature? The Sea Pool acts as an inflatable buffer for yacht toys and watercraft, which protects the yacht’s exterior from being bumped by jet skis or wave runners. It also serves as a spacious platform for guests to easily get on and off these personal watercraft— everyone on board will be able to safely mount the water toys from above the water’s edge.

The Perfect Place for a Photoshoot

FunAir Super Beach Club Sea Pool on charter yacht MY Lady Azul

Let’s be honest, yacht owners and charter guests love to capture their time on board with photos and videos. Each superyacht offers an array of incredible spots to stage a quick photoshoot, but none more impressive than the Sea Pool. It’s the place to flex those photo skills. Guests can take advantage of the scenic backdrop and on-water views for their Instagram and Facebook feeds. Although the scenic vistas from the top deck are hard to beat, the waterside location of the Sea Pool is the perfect place for a photoshoot.

It’s not just guests that love the FunAir Sea Pool. For the crew, it’s a chance to shoot that diving video or snap that picture-perfect scene to forever remember your time on board. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of our FunAir ambassadors with some serious photography skills.

To learn more about the FunAir Sea Pool, including product specs and shipping options, click here.

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