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How to Get The Best Quote for Your Next Superyacht Inflatable Purchase

Our mission at FunAir is to create the ultimate custom inflatables that deliver a lifetime of fun and memories which are designed with both yacht crew, owners and charter guests in mind. FunAir’s goal is to make enjoying inflatable products easier and faster, whilst allowing crews to quickly deploy, operate and store their water toy portfolio.

We get lots of awesome enquiries from yacht captains, senior crew and owners interested in finding out more about our custom superyacht inflatables, so we thought we would share a little more about the process of getting from an owner or guests wish list to receiving an accurate and useful quote.

The best way to get started is to tell us about the projects that you are interested in and send us some general information about the yacht. The more details that we have about the yacht the better. We pride ourselves at FunAir for delivering a superior form and fit.

Motor Yacht Scirocco with FunAir Climbing Wall and Yacht Slide

The following information is key if what you want fits to, or alongside your yacht:

  • What is the name of the yacht or project? 
  • Length?  
  • Beam?  
  • Manufacture?  
  • Make? 
  • Model?  
  • It is super helpful to have a copy of the General Arrangement. We can normally pull all necessary measurements from the GA to get started.   
  • If you do not have a copy of the GA for the boat, we can send you a FunAir Measuring Guide. This document will walk you through the collection of three key measurements and some helpful photos. This will give us all we need to get you an initial proposal.
  • Sending us lots of photos of the yacht is also very helpful. 

At FunAir we take our clients privacy very seriously. We are more than happy to review and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you send us any pertinent details.

As we are a custom shop we are only limited by our combined imagination and the laws of physics, so if you need inspiration why not check out the FunAir YouTube Channel: GoFunAir

FunAir MY Loon

By sending us this initial information the FunAir team can start working up options straight away. We often jump on a call to explore your request and love bouncing ideas around with you when you have time.

Our inhouse design and engineering teams work hard to develop best fit products and supply you with visual representations, so the more information we have the better the quote we can return to you. As with everything we do we strive to be a world class partner that keeps things simple, and provides the ultimate range of yacht inflatables that reach way beyond your expectations.

We look forward to working with you.

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