The clever people at Hydroflyer have made the world’s coolest new watersport available to everyone, from inexperienced superyacht charter guests to expert yacht crew.

A cross between a hover-board and a jet-ski, the Hydroflyer is the most advanced personal watercraft ever created. With speed settings that range from mild to wild and industry leading rider safety features, the Hydroflyer was designed for all skill levels.

The Hydroflyer utilises patented features such as ruggedised handlebars and a yacht style v-entry hull that cuts through the water to make touchdowns and lift-offs easier. The user interface is designed specifically for a handlebar craft and features a colour screen – the largest in the industry, and reverse mode – a world-first for this type of craft.

With a reduced learning curve down to less than 15 minutes, now everyone can enjoy the world’s latest foiling sport.

A novice charter guest from a superyacht riding a Hydroflyer

Everyone Can Ride It

Due to the stable yacht style v-entry hull, the Hydroflyer cuts through the water to make touchdowns and lift-offs a breeze. The handlebars make it safe and accessible to everyone, and the user interface is the simplest on the market and features reverse mode, a world-first.

A superyacht crew member doing advanced moves on a Hydroflyer

Advanced Riders Wanted

The yacht style hull has added volume in the bow so riding in wind chop and swell, and making and recovering from jumps is made easy. The remote throttle mechanism also uses dependable wifi signal so riders can bury the board underwater after a jump and not lose power.

The patented design of the Hydroflyer personal watercraft

Patented Design

Ergonomically designed handle grips, a scooped deck for increased responsiveness and forward facing rider position reduces rider leg fatigue over long sessions. The simple trigger pull allows no fuss arming of the throttle mechanism, and lets charter guests step off the yacht dry and get going immediately.

The all carbon construction on the Hydroflyer personal watercraft

All Carbon Construction

The board has a waterproof high density EPS core, wrapped in vacuum-bagged carbon fibre and polished to a superyacht standard so the Hydroflyer will always look fantastic. The powered keel and handlebars are over-engineered for peace of mind so they will take a beating and still look incredible!

Why Choose Hydroflyer for Your Superyacht

The easy storage of a Hydroflyer personal watercraft

Stores Easily

The Hydroflyer packs down to store in a padded board bag and a carry case. The battery is removable.

The low maintenance Hydroflyer

Low Maintenance

Just rinse with fresh water and air-dry. No oil changes, or fuel handling. Electric motor runs maintenance free for 500 hours.

The Hydroflyer moving leaving no wake

Quiet, no Wake

The electric motor runs virtually silent, and when superyacht guests are up and riding on the hydrofoil there is zero wake created.

Charter guests safely riding a Hydroflyer

Guest Safety

The Hydroflyer is unmatched for safety so superyacht owners and charter guests will be more likely to ride and enjoy themselves.

Product Specs

materials icon

Material Specs

Rigid closed cell EPS foam and hi modulus carbon fibre

Riding Specs

30km range

Top speed of 45kmph

dimensions icon


Dimensions – 226 x 86cm

Total assembled weight – 49kg

Volume of board – 160 litres

Set Up icon

Set-Up Time

15 Minutes


12 Months

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