Life on the water on board a superyacht is an intimate partnership between the serenity of the waves and the fury of the tide. TUUCI® parasols mirror this balance, using beautiful, yet steadfast materials that display both style and grit. Each marine grade, modular component is endlessly serviceable to protect your investment and the environment we love, giving many years of use to your superyacht crew and charter guests.

TUUCI are recognised around the world for unparalleled functionality, driving the latest advancements in shade engineering. They draw upon decades of data derived from real usage and wind testing to ensure their products perform as intended.

TUUCI Beach Lounge on white sand dunes

Mercury Bed and Sun Lounge

The Mercury Bed and Sun Lounge takes relaxation to a new level. Constructed with TUUCI’s polished-titanium Armor-Wall™ aluminum frame and modular marine grade components, the Mercury features high-performance fabric cushions and bed coverings with sheer privacy curtains for the comfort of your charter guests.

TUUCI Shade Blade on a charter superyacht tender

TUUCI Shade Blade

The asymmetrical construction of TUUCI’s Shade Blade is perfect for any fishing vessel cockpit area or superyacht tender. Built for high performance use while running full speed, at anchor or moored in a marina, these collapsible shade platforms deploy in mere seconds and provide yacht crew and charter guests with protection from harsh sunlight.

TUUCI Air Lounge Hammock

TUUCI Air Lounge

From sunrise to sunset TUUCI’s Air Lounge hammock is an incredible way to relax. Designed for tranquility, its unique beauty is matched only by its durable construction of expandable ultra comfort sun mesh fabric with UV stabilised sun dye and durable hardwood stretcher bars. 

TUUCI Yacht Umbrellas on a charter superyacht

TUUCI Umbrellas and Cabanas

Elegance. Performance. Craftsmanship. TUUCI parasols and cabanas can be found shading resorts and luxury superyachts worldwide. From the material selections to the sweep of their parasols, TUUCI designs are inspired by the distinct beauty in the world around us.

Why Choose TUUCI for Your Superyacht

Extreme testing of TUUCI parasol

Extreme Testing

TUUCI test their marine grade components in the most extreme weather conditions, making sure they’ll withstand everything the wind and waves have in store.

TUUCI products are made from durable textiles

Durable Textiles

TUUCI parasols protect guests from sun, wind, rain, and ocean spray without fading or molding, thanks to the durable, high performance textiles that are used.

TUUCI products are quality controlled

Quality Control

TUUCI personnel carefully follow specific quality control procedures and inspect each product to ensure freedom from any type of manufacturing defect.

TUUCI Shade Studio product rendering of parasols on a superyacht

Shade Studio

The TUUCI Shade Studio produces dynamic client-ready renderings of parasols helping superyacht Captains and owners to select the right product.

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