FunAir Junior Blob and Playground

Floating Playground and Junior BigAir Blob for Superyachts

Standing an impressive 3.5m tall, the inflatable Floating Playground and Junior BigAir Blob is the perfect way to keep the kids (and the young at heart) entertained. Commercial grade and designed specifically with superyachts in mind, the playground can be tethered to the back of your yacht for a day of fun-filled activity out at sea, or set up in the shallows during beach experiences.

Climb up the tower, hangout in the sun and watch all the action from the top deck, propel yourself down the slide, launch in to the air from the Junior BigAir Blob or simply relax in the shaded area under the tower. The playground offers multiple ways to amp up the fun and access from the water is made easy with the swim-on entry pads.

FunAir Junior Blob and Playground

Gone are the days when inflatables took more time to setup than actually being enjoyed. Designed in multiple pieces, our playground can be deployed and stored by two yacht crew, and our patented RapidFlate System ensures you can inflate and deflate six times faster than conventional inflatables.

The FunAir Playground is a yachting grade product with reinforced anchor points and crane lifting straps. The ultra-slick vinyl eliminates the need for a coversheet, which reduces weight, pack size, and areas that can trap water to cause mould. It also folds tight and light to keep storage space to a minimum.

FunAir Playground

Commercial grade 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings, 316 stainless steel hardware, non-slip material, hot air welded seams, no-rot ropes.

Inflated = 3.5M tall
Packed = Tower & Slide 120cm x 90cm x 66cm
Weight = 150kg
Jr. Blob and 2 entry pads 120cm x 110cm x 39cm
Weight =  63kg

Setup Time: 30 minutes.

The Floating Playground and Junior BigAir Blob is custom built in 35 days, and can be designed with your own boat colours and logo to create a more personalised experience. The Playground also comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

To see the Playground in action, (or any of our products) check out our YouTube channel for a host of videos.

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