FunAir Day Bed

Room for Two on the FunAir Inflatable Daybed

Make your superyacht charter guest’s beach dreams come true with the FunAir Inflatable Daybed. This double width sun lounger allows for luxurious sunbathing opportunities for couples, friends, multiple kids or those of us that just like to stretch out and enjoy the ample space available. Situated in a shady spot the Daybed provides the perfect place for guests to get comfortable and take a nap after a busy morning with the yacht toys! 

FunAir Day Bed

FunAir’s ever popular Superyacht Beach Loungers are comfortable, stable and made from the highest grade materials. These Daybeds are double the relaxation at double the width and can be set up anywhere your guests prefer to relax, be that floating on the water, on deck or on land.

The day bed is an easy to lift 17kg and is 230cm long and 158cm wide. Also available in custom colours and with luxury fitted covers made by a FunAir partner that can be customised to match your yacht’s branding, and help to keep the Daybed’s surface cleaner for longer – which is a bonus for crew on a busy charter!

FunAir MY Illiusion Day Bed

Being double the width of a regular lounger doesn’t mean they are double the effort to inflate, set up time is just 10 minutes so you can provide an unforgettable beach day set up quickly with multiple loungers. The Daybed also packs down small for tight storage and super easy transportation on tenders and smaller vessels.

Special Features
Set up time: 10 minutes
Drop Stitch or 0.9mm 28*26 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings
12 oz. – 1000 denier baffling
316 stainless steel hardware
Non-slip material
Hot air welded seams

Daybed Inflated: 230cmx158cmx42cm
Daybed Packed: 65cmx55cmx30cm
Weight: 17kg

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