The Bigger the Bounce, the Bigger the Fun: Meet the BigAir Blob

The Bigger the Bounce, the Bigger the Fun: Meet the BigAir Blob Yacht Toy

We’re proud of all our FunAir toys and we’re super confident in each product’s ability to bring the fun. However, there is one standout inflatable that puts a smile on everyone’s face every single time: The BigAir Blob yacht toy.

A giant, on-water airbag (sometimes known as a water trampoline), the BigAir Blob is your playground for leaping into the water, doing backflips, and flying high into the air. It’s a must-have for your next luxury charter.

The FunAir BigAir Blob: A Superyacht Special

FunAir BigAir Blob set up on a superyacht

Yacht charter guests and superyacht owners love the FunAir BigAir Blob, a giant inflatable that uses one person’s weight to propel another through the air and into the water. Sounds fun, right?

Air blobs have been used on lakes for many years, but the swell of the water and rhythm of waves meant they were harder to enjoy in the ocean. The FunAir engineering team was committed to making an Air Blob for yacht owners and after many years of research and design, the FunAir BigAir Blob was born. The FunAir BigAir Blob can be used on the ocean as it features special stabilisers on the side to keep it in place and a fitted cradle that means the blob floats safely positioned away from the edge of the yacht.

Sky High Fun On Board Superyachts

Charter guests from superyacht Lazy Z using the FunAir BigAir Blob and Climbing Wall

The beauty of the FunAir BigAir Blob is its versatility. Any sized yacht can use it while at anchor. It’s also completely controlled by you. The higher you jump, the higher the other guest flies, which makes it adaptable for kids and cautious guests, as well as giving adventure-seekers the chance for a more exhilarating experience. On board a superyacht, guests can jump onto the BigAir Blob from any height, from any deck. Couple it with the FunAir Climbing Wall and watch guests jump to the opportunity of taking a leap from the Climbing Wall platform and using their climbing skills to get to the top and do it all over again.

As people leap from the decks, it allows everyone to enjoy the fun on the water while the crew set up other inflatables or are even preparing for lunch. Plus, spectators can get a full view of all the action from above.

A Fun Inflatable For The Whole Charter Group

Superyacht charter guest enjoying the FunAir BigAir Blob and Playground

The FunAir BigAir Blob is guaranteed to be a hit with everyone on board. The best thing about this inflatable? It involves more than one person so a whole group can enjoy themselves at the same time. Love to jump and land on the blob? Go for it! Want to spend your time flying through the air? It’s all yours. Feel like practising your backflips? Now is your time to shine.

Fun for all ages, the BigAir Blob is always a hit with kids, which is why we designed a mini-version called the Junior BigAir Blob. It’s a more compact inflatable that is perfect for smaller guests and its innovative engineering means it can be secured to the FunAir Playground to create an on-water playground. You can read more about that epic family setup here.

FunAir BigAir Blobs benefit from an array of incredible design features. The BigAir Blob has our patented RapidFlate technology which means the yacht crew can quickly deploy it and it’s ready to use in under 20 minutes. The hard-wearing, durable material of the blob is built to withstand saltwater and sun and it can be easily stowed when all the fun is done.

Get The FunAir BigAir Blob Customised for Your Yacht

FunAir BigAir BlobYacht Slide Water Mat and Sea Pool on a charter superyacht

As with many FunAir products, the BigAir Blob can be customised to suit the colours, logo, and style of the yacht. Yacht owners and charter guests love to see personalized inflatables in the water, plus, it looks epic in photos.

Many charter and private yachts want to create custom BigAir Blobs but we also offer a QuickShip service. If a Captain or charter broker needs a quick turnaround on a BigAir Blob delivery, we have a selection of in-stock inflatables to ship all over the world within a few days.

The FunAir BigAir Blob will be the crown jewel in any superyacht toy box. Get involved in the action here.

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