Family Fun on Board Meet our Superyacht Playground

Family Fun on Board: Meet our Superyacht Inflatable Playground

Yacht owners and superyacht captains understand that charter guests want to relax, have fun and spend time making memories with their loved ones. That’s where we come in. FunAir’s yacht toys and inflatables are created to enhance the on board experience, keeping guests entertained and coming back for more.

This month, we’re spotlighting another of our popular superyacht toys. Fun for the whole family, the FunAir inflatable Playground is all about spending time together on the water and includes a climbing frame, an inflatable slide, and a FunSize version of the popular BigAir Blob – it’s an incredibly versatile yacht toy. Guests who are young (and young at heart!) love this inflatable set-up.

A Yacht Inflatable Design For Family Charter Groups

FunAir Playground & Junior BigAir Blob

Family yacht charter groups love the FunAir Playground as it caters to even the smallest of guests. Our team designed it to be 100% kid friendly. The FunAir Playground’s slide is not as steep and is slightly wider than our other designs, which allows adults and children to go down the slide, side by side. It’s a fantastic yacht toy for kids to enjoy before they venture out on the ‘big’ FunAir yacht slide from the upper deck and into the ocean. The FunAir Playground builds confidence and assures little charter guests that playing out in the water (under the watchful eyes of parents or the yacht’s crew) is the best way to spend the day.

A Versatile Superyacht Inflatable

Playground with Slide into Sea Pool on MY Nomad

The core components of the FunAir Playground enable superyacht charter guests to choose their own adventure. The junior version of the BigAir Blob is a hit with kids and adults alike. Hours of fun can be had by jumping on and making your partner fly through the air while you land comfortably on the Blob. For a moment of calm, the FunAir Playground also has a generous ‘hangout’ area underneath the main structure where guests can cool off in the shade, while still feeling included in all the action.

The FunAir Playground can be seamlessly used with many of our other inflatables. This creates an incredible on-water play area beside the yacht. The yacht’s crew can set up the FunAir Playground to be connected to various inflatables such as the FunAir Sea Pool and the Jet Ski Dock. For example, young children and less confident swimmers may prefer to land in one of our Sea Pools. The open-water space is protected from the currents and has a netted bottom to help keep out seaweed or fish. With a Playground-Sea Pool-Jet Ski Dock combo, yacht charter guests can slide into the water, swim to the dock and jump on a secured Jet Ski in just moments!

A Popular, Beach-friendly Yacht Toy

Charter superyacht Illusion Jr. Playground

As with many FunAir yacht inflatables, the FunAir Playground is great to take to the beach. It can easily be transported by the yacht crew and set up close to the sandy shores of the yacht’s charter destination. This is a popular option for on-water activities in a no-jet ski or watercraft zone. The FunAir Playground can enhance any beach club experience and take advantage of the warm waters of the superyacht’s cruising grounds.

Maximise the Fun with the FunAir Glacier Extreme

FunAir Glacier Extreme

If you’re a yacht owner or captain looking to make a serious splash, you’ll love the FunAir Glacier Extreme. A playground so impressive, you may need an extra pair of hands. The FunAir Glacier Extreme is the same concept as the FunAir Playground but is mega-sized. Multiple guests can get involved in the action with three climbing walls and a super-high slide. This inflatable takes yacht toys to new heights – literally. The Glacier Extreme is also a huge hit with our shoreside guests. If your lakehouse is looking for a new on-water experience or you’re a summer camp hoping to amp up the fun, the Glacier Extreme is your best bet.

All FunAir yacht toys and inflatables are built to last, with durable, high-quality materials that can withstand salt, water, and sunshine. Quick and easy to deploy, yacht crew can arrange the FunAir Playground in minutes (the Glacier Extreme will take a little longer but does benefit from a Rapidflate blower).

FunAir inflatables at Apex Camp

The FunAir Playground and Glacier Extreme are incredibly popular inflatable toys with yacht charter guests and superyacht owners. If charter managers are seeking a way to attract more multi-generational charters or keep long-time clients returning to the yacht, these toys are sure to impress.

Let the fun begin! Learn more about the FunAir Playground here and the Glacier Extreme here, or you can contact the team by email directly or via our social media.

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