QuickShip Yacht Slide and Climbing Wall on charter superyacht Sirocco

QuickShip Yacht Toys: FunAir Inflatables, Fast

FunAir products are always guaranteed to deliver on the fun, but did you know that with our QuickShip service we can also ship our instock inventory globally, in just a few days?

In order to better serve our yacht clients, a selection of FunAir’s most popular superyacht toys and inflatables are kept as in-stock inventory to accommodate time-sensitive requests. We call these our ‘QuickShip’ collection. If a yacht guest or owner loves the idea of an inflatable and the crew needs it in a hurry, QuickShip is the answer. We dispatch a huge range of our yacht inflatables within days and offer global delivery. Plus, we manufacture several sizes of each QuickShip item to fit almost all small to mid-range yachts. It’s just all part of the FunAir service.

So why is QuickShip such a popular choice for many yachts?

Lifesaver for Last-Minute Yacht Charters

QuickShip Yacht Joust and Yacht Golf on display at Monaco Yacht Show

Captains and Yacht Brokers love our Quickship service for last-minute yacht charter requests from guests. Family heading on board who loves inflatables? No problem. Crew and brokers can browse our expansive range of in-stock items and organise shipment to the yacht all over the world. Our seamless global delivery of yacht toys and inflatables is an easy ‘win’ for them with clients who are looking for something extra on the yacht at late notice. Also, when the season is busy or the yacht is travelling, QuickShip is an easy option to order toys without any time spent measuring up the yacht for a custom project.

A New Toy Box for Charter Yachts

QuickShip Sea Pool on a charter yacht

QuickShip is an incredible tool for yachts that are new to the charter market and haven’t invested in yacht toys or don’t have the time or capital for custom inflatables yet. With QuickShip, yachts can add an array of toys to their charter offering without breaking the bank. Be it a Yacht Slide, Beach Lounger or Floating Shaded Island, a selection of QuickShip FunAir Inflatables can transform a yacht’s toy box in no time.

Cost-Effective Yacht Toys

QuickShip Floating Shaded Island in crystal clear blue water

If charter yachts are on a budget, our in-stock QuickShip items are a cost-effective way to enhance the vessel’s selection of toys. It’s the ideal solution for Captains who need to put a proposal together for toys with a limited budget. Also, if the Captain or Charter Manager wants to convince the owner that custom inflatables are an asset to have on the yacht, an initial collection of in-stock items can be very persuasive.

Built to the Same FunAir Standards

QuickShip Yacht Toys Club Chaise and Club Chairs display at MYS

Without a doubt, yacht owners and charter clients are guests with discerning tastes. However, you can rest assured that all FunAir’s QuickShip items are built to the same exacting standards as our custom products and inflatable collections. Each of the QuickShip toys boasts high-quality engineering and is made from top-of-the-line materials that ensure they last for many years of fun.

FunAir’s QuickShip Superyacht Toys

QuickShip Yacht Slide on charter superyacht Scarlet

FunAir’s QuickShip items are available in several sizes that fit almost all small to mid-range yachts. A selection of these inflatables on board a yacht can completely revolutionise a guest’s experience and will impress even the most seasoned charter client.

Yacht Slides

A game-changing inflatable for any yacht, our Yacht Slides are one of our most popular QuickShip products. These inflatables guarantee hours of fun and are much loved by all ages of yacht charter guests. Everyone on board can jump right on, slide off, and dive into the warm waters of their cruising grounds.

Yacht Golf

Practice your swing and improve your skills with the FunAir Yacht Golf set. The eco-friendly golf balls (made from fish food) allow you to create a driving range wherever you are on the yacht. A must-have for any sports fanatics on board.

Superyacht Beach Furniture

Transform the yacht’s deck space, beach club or nearby sandy shores with FunAir’s collection of Superyacht Beach Furniture. Our QuickShip selection includes Inflatable Daybeds, Beach Loungers, the Single Wave Lounger and Double Wave Lounger, the Wave Chair, the Floating Shaded Lounger, Club Chaise, the Club Chair and the Shaded Oasis. Lightweight and easy to pack, the FunAir Superyacht Beach Furniture collection is hugely popular with sun-worshipping guests who want to make the most of their surroundings. Lightweight and easy to pack, yacht crew can seamlessly transport these inflatables around the vessel and to shore to create an idyllic beach club set up.

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