SCUBAJET Portable Series

SCUBAJET Portable Series features

SCUBAJET Portable Series on the beach

World's Smallest and Most Versatile Water Jet System

The SCUBAJET Portable Series is one of a kind. No other electric-driven device on the market is as compact, modular, and powerful for its size and lightweight. Ingenious adapters allow yacht crew to transform almost any diving, snorkelling, stand-up paddling, or kayaking water sports gear into a jet-powered device in no time.

Freediving with a SCUBAJET portable

One Yacht Toy, So Many Uses

Whether your superyacht charter guests are passionate about snorkelling, recreational or technical diving, SUPing, or exploring the coast with a kayak, SCUBAJET offers a multitude of thrilling possibilities to navigate both under and over water. With SCUBAJET, they can enjoy diverse water activities with endless fun and excitement.

SCUBAJET Pro attached to an inflatable SUP

Unmatched Power, Speed and Safety

Enjoy maintenance-free operation, an eco-friendly design, and variable speed control. With advanced features like auto shut-off and cutting-edge impeller technology, SCUBAJET guarantees an exhilarating water adventure. Its unmatched power and extended run time propels charter guests to new distances and durations.

Charter guest from a superyacht diving with a SCUBAJET Portable

Installed in Mere Seconds

A slick modular design is at the core of SCUBAJET’s versatility, allowing superyacht crew to transform it from an SUP propulsion to a dive jet system in a heartbeat. SCUBAJET is powerful, compact, lightweight and ready to meet the demands of any charter guest.

Why Choose a SCUBAJET PRO for your yacht toy box?

Superyacht charter guest on an SUP

Efficiency Meets Endless Fun

SCUBAJET is the ultimate superyacht toy, offering an unforgettable charter experience, versatility and safety in one single system.

Man SCUBA diving using a SCUBAJET Portable

For Beginners and Advanced Water Sports Lovers

SCUBAJET caters to beginners and advanced divers, as well as SUP enthusiasts – regardless of their skill level.

SCUBAJET Portable on a beach

Thrilling Water Adventures for All Ages

SCUBAJET brings joy and excitement to all charter guests, offering endless fun and excitement for all ages.

SCUBAJET portable attached to stand up paddleboard

Secure Return in Any Condition

Return to the yacht, even in strong currents, fatigue, or sudden bad weather. Enjoy reliable propulsion for a worry-free journey.

Product Specs


Water jet system designed for swimmers and snorkelers
500W Power | fully airline-compliant

With “Double Your Power™ NEO to PRO Upgrade Kit” upgradable to SCUBAJET PRO with 1,000W and 200Wh

Optional: 1,500 Lumen LED light (6,000 Kelvin) with a 120 degree angle


12 months (optional: 3 years, excl. Smart Batteries)


Powerful water jet propulsion designed specifically for diving, SUPing, kayaking
1000W Power | fully airline-compliant

With “Double Your Range Kit” upgradable to SCUBAJET PRO XR with 1,000W and 400Wh

Optional: 1,500 Lumen LED light (6,000 Kelvin) with a 120 degree angle


12 months (optional: 3 years, excl. Smart Batteries)

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