Superyacht Inflatable Dock

How to choose your superyacht inflatable docking solution

The yacht toy market has exploded in recent years with numerous new ways to amp up the fun. But with every expanding superyacht toy box comes the operational question of where and how to park it all.

FunAir have been launching new superyacht toys every year since 2014, and alongside launching innovative new products like the Leap of Faith, we’ve also been busy developing our inflatable Jet Ski Docks to make sure we continue to provide a practical and safer solution for busy yachts to keep up with the ever increasing range of water toys now in demand.

A new wave of owners and charter guests are focused on thrill seeking adventure and exploring the world around them. Our fast-paced friends don’t just expect to find a Yacht Slide and a couple of Jet Ski’s onboard; they want Seabobs, eFoils and wakeboarding equipment. Once that fun is done, they expect to jump into a netted Sea Pool, grab a kite surfing lesson, learn to hoverboard and enjoy deep sea exploration in a submarine. And they want ability to jump between each activity at their leisure. 

With this in mind we’ve made it even easier for Captains, senior officers and management companies to make an informed choice around the type of inflatable docks you need, and have expanded the Jet Ski Dock section of our website so you can click through to even more information on each of the four most popular options. We are of course primarily a custom shop, so if you have thought up something we haven’t mentioned, do get in touch because we love working on new concepts.

Custom Jet Ski Docks

Yacht Jet Ski Docks Custom made

Not just for Jet Skis, our custom docks come in all shapes and sizes and are designed and built to house your full portfolio of yacht toys in a convenient and safe way. Safer for your guests and safer for your yacht’s paint job! Whether you have a water bike, a submarine and a fleet of tenders to park, or you need space to lay out your pro kite surfing equipment next to your sail boats, our in-house engineers will create the perfect design for you. 

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QuickShip Jet Ski Docks

Jet ski dock local stockist

Our QuickShip Jet Ski Dock has space for up to four Jet Skis or personal watercraft and is in stock and ready to ship globally in just a few days. We keep stock in multiple locations around the world so we can get you what you want as fast as possible.  So if you are a charter broker, captain or crew who need an inflatable Jet Ski Dock in a hurry please get in touch and we will arrange delivery through a local stockist.

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Convertible Jet Ski Dock

convertible jet ski dock for yachts

The FunAir Convertible Dock was designed for those yachts who want maximum fun onboard but are tight on storage space. Using clever interchangeable sections, the same inflatable dock can accommodate powered yacht toys like Jet Skis, SeaBobs, and Tenders and then be switched to become an extended Swim Platform or a netted Sea Pool. The Convertible Jet Ski Dock is custom designed to fit your yacht’s transom and have space for everything in your superyacht toy box. 

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Super Dock

yacht super jet ski dock and pool

Since bringing the epic Super Dock to market for MY Ulysses with our friends at Superyacht Tenders and Toys we’ve enjoyed a stream of enquiries for extended, modular docking solutions.

We love that products we work on can help expand people’s imaginations and our Super Dock is a solution that has very few boundaries. It combines all the design possibilities of our other docks and can include all the accessories on the bosses wish list.  Think big and include a netted Beach Club Sea Pool with suite of Wave Loungers, practical Sea Stairs, convertible Work Platforms, access gangways and even Floating Islands

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With all these options we hope we have inspired you to get in touch to discuss your perfect superyacht inflatable dock. Our team of in-house design engineers love working on custom projects and can’t wait to get started.

Alternatively if you are in a fix and need a simple Jet Ski Dock asap, call us on +1 512 270 4900, email [email protected] or message us on social media and we will jump straight on it.

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