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How to Choose a Custom Climbing Wall for Any Superyacht

Here at FunAir we are passionate about providing the ultimate inflatables to perfectly fit the needs of your yacht and her guests. We aim to bring fun and unforgettable moments to any charter, whilst ensuring set-up, pack down and storage is uncomplicated and as fast as possible for crew.

Climbing Walls continue to be a popular choice for the onboard toy box. How else would your guests get the chance to climb up the side of a superyacht? We were the first to market with custom designed Climbing Walls for motor and sailing yachts, and have designed, built and fitted them to many of our favourite yachts around the world.

What is there to consider when ordering your inflatable rock-climbing wall? 
There are many options to ensure your guests get the most out of their time on the water, so we thought we would help you to navigate the myriad of choices and make deciding on your wall design a little easier.

Water entry or deck entry? 
Do you want the option of leaping or flipping into the water from the top of the wall once you have scaled it? If the answer is yes, or you have epic somersault skills aboard then a jumping platform and deck entry is a good choice.

If you prefer to keep wet feet off the teak as much as possible then a water entry could be for you to keep the water sports in the water.

Motor Yacht Al Miqub

How high should the climb be and what is the optimum position for your yacht?
Our in-house design team can make almost any solution work and often the best start is sending us your General Arrangement. If you have a vision then our team can work from the GA to ensure a seamless fit, and will advise if the yachts design leans towards a particular style or entry system.

Taller walls come with a connection point for your auto-belay system allowing for a smooth descent, and all FunAir Climbing Walls have our unique comfort grip handholds that are easy to grab onto with wet hands and feet. Climbing ropes can also be added to give an alternative way of ascending and descending, with knotted handholds already in place.

Can a FunAir Climbing Wall match our yachts livery?
The aesthetic of your Climbing Wall can be fully customised, so you can choose colours and logos to match your yacht and other water toys. The only limit to customisation is your imagination and a quick nod to the laws of physics, so bring any new ideas to the table and the team will take care of the rest.

FunAir Climbing Wall on Motor Yacht Helios

Can a Climbing Wall be part of a package of inflatables?
Yes, we usually supply Climbing Walls with a range of other FunAir products. Teaming a Yacht Slide with a Climbing Wall creates a perfect round robin return for guests who can defeat the heady heights of the wall, and slide back down to the water in celebration.

We look forward to helping you find your fun!

Material Specifications:
0.9mm 28*26 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings, 12 oz. – 1000 denier baffling, 316 stainless steel hardware, non slip material, hot air welded seams, no-rot ropes 

Sizes and weights vary depending on the design of the climbing wall. Typical wall sizes vary between 3M and 4M wide and 5M and 10M tall. We provide climbing wall and packed dimensions so you best understand how to store your product.

Setup Time:
Set up times vary depending upon climbing wall design and location on boat. Our team will work with your captain to help select the best climbing wall for your boat.

Warranty: 3 Year limited warranty

Order Lead Time: Contact [email protected]

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