FunAir Toy Island

Find Your Fun with the FunAir Toy Island

Do you want to know what the hottest toy at Monaco Yacht Show 2019 is? We are proud to share it’s the FunAir Toy Island.

The first model Toy Island was recently delivered to MY Lattitude as a bespoke project and has just been named hottest toy at the show by Boat International in their Top Toys and Tenders at Monaco Yacht Show feature.

The FunAir Toy Island can attach to your superyacht as an extension of the swim platform, or be tethered to trail behind.

FunAir Toy Island

Designed to dock a variety of watercrafts away from the yacht so that multiple activities can happen at the same time, it can also be tethered from a secluded beach or jetty and used to securely dock watercrafts during beach days.

This stable platform places the toys where the guests are and provides a central seat so owners and their family can take a moment to rest between activities, sit down to swap safety gear, add flippers or wait for other guests. 

As well as the usual Jet Ski’s the Toy Island is engineered to fit foiling boards and sailboats that have fins. The V shape indent allows the user to moor their e-foil or foiling sailboat close to the Toy Island with the fin sitting safely in the V.

Each Toy Island has a set of FunAir Sea Stairs, which are a patented solution that allows guests of all ages to walk up and out of the sea easily and elegantly. 

FunAir Toy Island

As with all new FunAir products the Toy Island has been designed to pack light and tight and be as easy and quick as possible for crew to deploy.

Inflated Dimensions:
6m x 6m at its largest points.

The Toy Island has the capacity to hold four Jet Skis or sailing dinghies, two SeaBobs, two eFoils, Jet Surf or SUPS and several guests. Or any combination of items because the solution is of course fully customisable to the client’s toy compliment and yacht livery.

Packed Dimensions:
120 x 80 x 40cm

The Toy Island will be deployed on the water outside the official Captains and Crew Lounge of Monaco Yacht Show that can be found next to the Monaco Yacht Club.

As an official partner of the show, FunAir have exclusive use of the in water display and dock area at the C&C Lounge and will also have their beach set up with loungers and day beds set up on the dock for visitors to come and relax during the show.

This year at the C&C Lounge there will be a soiree each evening on the terrace from 5:30 – 7:30 and all Captains and Crew are invited to come along and join us in winding down after a busy day at the show.

To find out more about FunAir and the Toy Island please email [email protected] or call +1 512 751 4276.

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