FunAir Flume

Feel Like You’re Flying with the FunAir Flume

A Yacht Slide taken to new levels of fun and daring, the FunAir Flume concept was developed following a customer request via FunAir partner Superyacht Tenders and Toys. Here at FunAir HQ we love when clients use their imagination and finding a way to bring their vision to life is very a satisfying process.

What makes the Flume different to the yacht slides we all know and love? The point of exit. Instead of sliding straight into the ocean, the Flume literally drops you off in mid-air. This means it is not confined by the usual rail to water measurements of a standard yacht slide, so it is super adaptable, and the exhilaration felt when flying from the Flume is hard to beat. We’re thinking superhero poses, somersaults and epic water blasts when you hit the water!

Each Flume is custom made for your superyacht so it will fit seamlessly and can be placed in whatever position the Captain or owner requests. The Flume can be manufactured in FunAir blue or you can go for full customisation and choose your ideal colours and feature the yacht’s logo.

The materials used are the strongest and most lightweight on the market which means the Flume is light, quick to inflate, and easy to manage and maintain for crew. Being shorter in length, set up and packing away time is greatly reduced too, so the fun can go on for longer and owners and guests don’t have to wait long for set up at each new stop in their itinerary.

With yacht crew always in mind, the FunAir Flume is designed to ensure there are no awkward flaps or folds that retain water, greatly reducing the risk of mildew when stored for longer periods. Handles and seams are engineered so the Flume folds tight and light and takes up minimal precious space in the hold.

The Flume also features RapidFlate, the system used to inflate and deflate our products up to 6 times faster than competitors. This significantly reduces the time that crew need to spend on setting up and packing away.

Material Specifications
0.9mm 28*26 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings, 12 oz. – 1000 denier baffling, 316 stainless steel hardware, hot air welded seams.

Custom built to your specifications.

Setup Time
20 minutes 

3 Year Limited Warranty

To see more of any of our products check out our YouTube channel for a host of videos.

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