BigAir Blob

Boat International Names FunAir Products as 2 of the Top 9 Water Toys for Children

In a recent report of the top water toys for children, Boat International named FunAir’s BigAir Blob and Climbing Wall as 2 of the top 9 water toys for children. FunAir is in a class all their own as the only company with multiple products in the rankings. Just see what they have to say:

FunAir BigAir Blob

Due to go on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016, FunAir’s latest release is an old favourite reworked specially for superyachts. The BigAir Blob is a classic water cushion which has been redesigned for use in tidal waters with stabilising outriggers to stop it turning over while an inflatable stand-off means users are never at risk of accidentally bumping into the yacht’s hull making it perfectly safe for younger thrill seekers. So how does it work? Sit at the end of the cushion while your friends jump on to it from the top deck sending you flying metres into the air before dropping into the ocean below.

FunAir Climbing Wall

If a superyacht slide doesn’t keep your kids quite entertained (or worn out) enough, why not give them an adventurous way to get back on board with an inflatable climbing wall? Developed by FunAir, the three routes to the top are colour coded by difficulty, providing a fun way to get a little exercise for both adults and children alike. Plus, with so few yachts currently owning one, having the climbing wall hanging from the side of your superyacht is guaranteed to make you the centre of attention.

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