FunAir Climbing Wall

Robb Report: The FunAir Inflatable Climbing Wall is One of the Top 10 Epic Water Toys to Keep Aboard Your Yacht

Known for its a plethora of custom inflatable toys, FunAir gained widespread fame for outfitting charter yachts such as Lazy Z. The company’s inflatable climbing wall ($8,500) may sound like it’s for hardcore athletes, but it’s not. Different colors for the hand- and footholds are intended for novice, experienced, and super-adept climbers. Climbing ropes are included, too, with knotted handholds. The wall can be created with a water entry, as shown here, or a deck entry. FunAir works directly with yacht owners and builders to devise proper widths and heights, plus stowage units. Custom colors and logos are also available. 

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