Over The Rail Climbing Walls

FunAir’s Over The Rail (OTR) Climbing Wall puts skills and ability to the test by creating an overhang which you must triumph over to get to the top! This is the option for those looking for an extra challenge to master. The Over The Rail Climbing Wall allows for both water and yacht entry while also providing a non-slip jumping platform at the top which guests can choose to jump off and into the water below. This option is available in custom sizes from 4M and 12M tall and in widths of between 2M to 3M. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your options!

FunAir Over The Rail Climbing Walls

Over The Rail Climbing Wall

Endless Options for Fun

Suiting sporty kids and active adults alike, the Over The Rail Climbing Wall is the perfect inflatable yacht toy when you want to keep active aboard your superyacht. With an added climbing rope dangling from the overhang, you can choose to scale the wall solo style or use the rope for a little extra help. The rope is made from no-rot material ensuring the salty sea won’t spoil your fun for as long as possible. Why not challenge your charter guests to see who can get to the top first?

Over The Rail Climbing Wall

Smart and Comfortable Design

You can be confident your Climbing Wall is well secured to your yacht with our pro-engineered design features. Auto-belay connections for optimum safety are an optional addition to your inflatable rock wall. For superyachts who want to go large, re-enforced crane lifting rings for suspension from a davit are built into the over the rail design. We work hard to make our products as light, durable and as easy as possible to deploy and will work with crew to make sure sensible storage and maintenance features are always part of the deal.

Why Choose a FunAir Over The Rail Climbing Wall

Lifting Rings

We often include re-enforced crane lifting rings to allow you to easily suspend your inflatable Rock Climbing Wall from the yachts davit.

Climbing Ropes

Climbing ropes are included for additional fun and are made from non-rotting material.


Our optional auto belay design and deck entry creates a safer environment for climbing or jumping off the yacht.


Over The Rail Climbing Walls feature an overhang to amp up the challenge and a platform at the top that guests can jump from.

Product Specs

FunAir superyacht inflatables are thoughtfully designed by our world class engineering team and carefully hand-made with the world’s best materials and manufacturing techniques.

Material Specs

Commercial grade 1000 denier PVC with FR and UV ratings and 316 stainless steel rings


Climbing wall sizes range between 3M and 4M wide and 5M and 10M+ tall. Climbing wall inflated and packed dimensions are provided so you can best understand how to store your Climbing Wall.

Set-Up Time

Set up times vary depending upon climbing wall design and location on the yacht. The team at FunAir will work with your captain to help select the best climbing wall for your superyacht.


3 year limited warranty.
Full details available on request.

FunAir – Your Premium Over The Rail Climbing Wall Supplier

If you need an Over The Rail Climbing Wall team FunAir is ready!

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