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When superyacht owners and Captains look for a tender that can provide endless water sports fun and experiences for their charter guests, Nautique is a premium choice.

Each superyacht has a unique set or needs and specifications, and Midlands Nautique will create a tender that is customised for their specific requirements.

Whether it be custom lifting points, distinctive tower folding options or removable windshields, the team at Midlands Nautique will seamlessly integrate your boats for their new home aboard any yacht.

Midlands Nautique Explore the New Nautiques

Explore the New Nautiques

Midlands Nautique always aim to elevate their products and make your charter guests days on the water more enjoyable than ever before. They continually make advancements to current boats while simultaneously introducing redesigned models to further that progression.

Midlands Nautique Bespoke Design

Bespoke Design

Midlands Nautique understand the different storage and tender requirements of each superyacht. Towers and windscreens are modified to be removable. Every Nautique is designed with the customer and includes bespoke interior and exterior colour customisation options.

Midlands Nautique Coastal Nautiques

Coastal Nautiques

The Nautique Coastal Edition is made for
saltwater days and includes corrosion-resistant features throughout the boat that protect vital parts from the abuse of saltwater. G-Series, S-Series and Paragon Coastal Edition boats can be outfitted with the Yanmar diesel option. 

Midlands Nautique The Nautique Difference

The Nautique Difference

Featuring the exclusive Nautique Surf System for forming perfect surf waves, a range of engine options, awesome sound from JL Audio and a 5 year transferable warranty, you can rest assured your Nautique tender will provide you and your charter guests with years of enjoyment.

Why Choose Midlands Nautique for your Yacht Toy Box

Midlands Nautique Nautique Surf System

Nautique Surf System® Experience Endless Waves

The Nautique Surf System (NSS) allows your boat to shape up long, perfectly formed surf waves for your charter guests to enjoy. 

Midlands Nautique Nautique Coastal Edition

Nautique Coastal Edition Designed for Coastal Adventures

Nautique Coastal Editions are made with corrosion-resistant features that protect vital parts from the abuse of saltwater. 

Midlands Nautique Integrated Stringer System

Integrated Stringer System Strength, Convenience and Efficiency in One

Nautique boats incorporate the internal ballast system into their stringer grid keeping the internal ballast underneath the floors.

Midlands Nautique World-Class Engine Performance

The Heart of Your Nautique World-Class Engine Performance

Nautique offer powerful, reliable performance with a range of petrol and diesel engines to suit your specific needs.

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