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We’re dedicated to collaboration, supporting those who share our values, and spreading enjoyment. We take pride in our significant contribution to numerous remarkable yacht toy collections, with a consistent focus on simplifying the lives of crew members.

Following a ton of requests from superyacht owners, captains and senior crew asking us to recommend other premium yacht toy brands, we have launched MoreFun to showcase our yacht toy favourites.

Each handpicked yacht toy brand gets a dedicated search engine optimised web page in the MoreFun section written by our expert superyacht marketing team. All call to action buttons on that page will link directly to your website, email address or phone number. We will also share your page on our social media exposing your brand to our reach of over 1.75 million views per month.

  • Position your brand with our No. 1 Google ranking

  • Global promotion via FunAir marketing channels

  • Target superyacht crew who are ready to buy

  • Receive super hot leads direct to your sales team

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