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FunAir Launching BigAir Yacht Blob at FLIBS 2016

There’s just no stopping FunAir. Hot on the heels of launching the brand new to market Yacht Joust and Yacht Golf at Monaco Yacht Show, the innovative team behind the worlds most popular yacht inflatables are set to launch a third new product at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show next month.

Most of you will have seen the pictures and videos of the inflatable yacht blobs on social media. Looks like a whole lot of fun, right?

Enter FunAir, who have completely redesigned the new BigAir Yacht Blob. It has stabilising outriggers that stop it turning in the ocean, and an inflatable stand-off that keeps it in place and away from the yacht. Friends can jump from the deck straight onto the blob and launch their partners into the air; and should anyone have so much fun that they roll off the back of the blob, the stand-off will make sure they don’t bump into the hull of the yacht.

It turns out that the water blob was first invented in Texas, the home state of FunAir, for Camp Longhorn who used an Army Surplus fuel bladder as a waterfront toy on the lake.

Anyone who has used a blob in the ocean will tell you these amazing toys were not originally designed for tidal water. They turn easily and should really be tethered to the seabed to keep them in place.

FunAir’s BigAir Yacht Blob is the first blob specifically designed for yachting and the new features make it the safest option on the market.

To find out more about the new BigAir Blob, Yacht Joust, Yacht Golf or any of the FunAir portfolio, you can stop by the National Marine Suppliers booth 684, in the Superyacht Pavilion at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, where the FunAir team are once again partnering with their long standing distributor.

Known for innovative partnerships, while you visit the NMS booth you can see a model of FunAir partner Oceanemo, the impressive sports utility superyacht kitted out with unparalleled levels of fun. The model will have 3D printed examples of some of the FunAir portfolio and sits on a 4K digital table.

This exciting news comes on the back of FunAir’s new website with the first click and buy interface for inflatable yacht products. Showcasing both QuickShip and custom inflatable products for yachts, resorts and at-home family fun, the site offers online shopping and promises to quick-ship available products within 24 hours.

Yacht products currently available for QuickShip include, Yacht Slides, Climbing Walls, Yacht Joust, Yacht Golf, Personal Watercraft Docks, Water Mats and Stand Up Paddle Boards.

With distribution partners in Europe, America, Australia and the East, FunAir can send out the QuickShip products in less than 24 hours to captains and owners across the globe.

Find the FunAir team at the NMS booth 684 in the Superyacht Pavillion at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

To speak with FunAir email [email protected] or call +1 512-593-5133.

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