New FunAir inflatable beach furniture the Club Chaise and Club Chair in front of Superyacht Dolce Vita

Designer Superyacht Beach Furniture – Introducing: The Club Chaise and Club Chair

Inflatable Beach Furniture from FunAir are the go-to products in a superyacht’s mobile seating collection. Comfortable, stylish, easy to use and even easier to pack away, these high-quality items can transform a shady shore, a jetty, or a deck in a matter of moments. And we have great news for all our beach furniture aficionados: We have two brand new products to try – and yes, the Club Chaise floats… 

The Club Chaise and Club Chair bring a brand-new designer look to our ever-popular beach furniture collection – just in time for the Caribbean yacht charter season. Bringing an uber luxurious shoreside option to our already diverse inflatable furniture portfolio they are a fantastic addition to a superyachts on board arsenal. 

The Club Chaise 

The FunAir Club Chaise

Elevate your beach set up with the sophisticated Club Chase. The shape of The Club Chaise shares the lounging capabilities of a traditional Chaise Lounge with the space of a daybed, making it a perfect option for two adults sunbathing, and enough support built in to sit up and enjoy a cocktail in the warm sunshine.

As an added bonus, The Club Chaise can also float on water, simply remove the base section, and relax on your personal island. It’s like a traditional floating raft, but much, much better. As with all FunAir products, the set-up time for The Club Chaise is minimal, it’s lightweight and incredibly easy to carry around. This is why we’re confident that yacht guests and yacht crew will love it. 


Inflated 200 x 200 x 70cm

Packed – 70 x 57 x 25cm


Inflation/deflation – under 5 minutes

The Club Chair

The FunAir Club Chair

The Club Chair’s design evokes a traditional two-person sofa or loveseat with all the essential elements of FunAir Beach Furniture. It’s comfortable, supportive and an ideal choice for families or mixed groups of adults who wish to create a more formal, yet luxurious seating area while on the beach. 

The Club Chair is ergonomically designed to make a beach day fuss-free. No more sand covered towels or deck chairs sinking into the water. The Club Chair is as simple as it is versatile, with its gentle curves creating an elegant place to relax, enjoy a quick nap in the sun or take in the beauty of your surroundings. 


Inflated – 160 x 100 x 70cm

Packed – 80 x 60 x 35cm


Inflation/deflation – under 3 minutes

Why Do Superyachts Choose FunAir Beach Furniture? 

FunAir Club Chairs and Club Chaise

Inflatable Beach Furniture is a must-have for the Caribbean charter season. As guests discover the hidden coves and secret bays of this beautiful region, they can enjoy the comfort and glamour of a full FunAir beach experience. With minimal setup times – each lounger, chaise or chair inflates and deflates in just a few of minutes, and because we always use the latest durable yet lightweight materials, FunAir furniture packs tight and light so can be easily transported on a single tender trip to the beach and stored on board taking up little space. 

Each product is designed with an acute awareness of how crew and guests operate. Guests want to have fun, be comfortable and relax, while crew need products to be easy to store, quick to assemble and seamless to transport. Every product in our beach furniture line meets these expectations and is made with high-quality materials for guaranteed durability. Plus, the beach furniture collection is incredibly simple to pack up. So, when the fun is done, the clean-up for the crew is minimal. Simply wipe clean and store. 

An added bonus? Beach Furniture is not just limited to the sandy shores, it can also be easily inflated and used on board the yacht. Transform deck spaces with additional seating while hosting a party or even putting on a movie night. If guests prefer the Club Chaise to a traditional sun pad or chair, these can easily be moved up to the upper decks for a long day in the sunshine and quickly removed when it’s time to enjoy cocktail hour in the same spot. 

Here at FunAir, we listen to yacht crew, get feedback from captains, and speak to yacht owners to truly understand what they want from products. We’ve created these two new products to further enhance the yacht guest experience.

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